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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Adel, and today's episode is Resistance is Not Always the Answer. Today, I want to share with you a breakthrough we've had inside the Life Optimization Group and how it might or will impact your life. So I'm super excited today, like legitimately very excited. Had you asked me an hour and a half ago, I felt tired. I felt worn out. I'm on the backside of what is called a two-day fast. It's more like 70 hours. Vardar recorders show on that. And I get to eat again. And so I've been craving food. I'm hungry. I'm tired. I'm lethargic. I'm all these things. Get through my first coaching client. I'm like, we've been searching internally for some new updates, right? We want to keep moving the needle in how we show up as a company, how I get to show up as a coach, as a mentor, right? How do we do things better? And so originally, when I first started, we just simply used a platform called Workplace. And Workplace is great. It's hosted by Facebook. It's basically their project management software. It's beautiful because most of my clients, potentially even you, have a Facebook account. And so the use and functionality becomes very intuitive. You've used Facebook for a number of years, and because Workplace is built by Facebook, it's very intuitive. You've used Facebook for a number of years, and because Workplace is built by Facebook, it's very easy. However, as time progresses, and we're spending, and by we're, that's a complete and utter lie, Kurt is spending hours uploading videos one by one to workplace, right? Because we have series of videos. When I train with someone, when someone decides to spend time with me, share energy and space, it's not that we hop on a once a week phone call. There's multiple different video series that go in multiple different orders at multiple different times during our commitment to one another that also help walk you down a path and require some homework back from you. I do that because the once a week phone call is great, but we can only get so far. I'm about optimization, right? Condensing time down, showing that we can do more with less, with less stress, energy, and effort. And so Kurt was spending, you know, gosh, I had the largest client load I've ever had. Kurt was spending hours and hours each day, like literally just uploading and scheduling videos over 12 weeks. And 12 weeks, we'll say 30 clients, say 200 videos over 90 days. can do the math. Pretty labor intensive. And so I get the bright idea. I have a developer, good friend of mine, another member of the team, his name is Devin. Devin does PHP, HTML, all the fun stuff. He's a true developer. And so with me, without even looking anywhere else, I said, let's build our own. Let's just build our own. Here's all the functionality. Here's the scope that we need to achieve. We need to systematically and sequentially be able to deliver videos. We need to have a chat feature where we can chat back and forth. We need it to integrate into Zoom and then automatically catalog our calls so our clients can go back and review them later. We need to be able to upgrade into our own software platforms for clients to take the life optimization test, automatically load it.

Challenging Task Implementation And Execution Aspects

Live Optimization Group (03:45)

We need to be able to have homework assignments that people can just type in their answers and then I can get it and then they get a copy. We need ways that when new pieces and parts are designed by us, new courses, new ideas, new problems that we're able to solve, that a client could potentially acquire that as an additional bundle, an additional package. We need it to integrate into a tribe and create a community. We need all these things, and it's a massive piece of work. We need all these things, and it's a massive piece of work. This is not something that a developer would knock out in a handful of days, a handful of weeks, or really even a handful of months. And so we map it out, and of course the very first thing I was concerned with was the optimization of Kurt's time. Let's just get the platform base level so that we can sequentially deliver videos to clients. And Devin did it. And it's incredible. Login, it's beautiful. There's PDFs of the homework that are attached. Everything is done just as it needs to be. It is leaps and bounds above the way that we were doing things in Workplace. But we also still need to use workplace because I need to be able to interact with clients and I want to be able to see videos of them and there's a homework assignments and there's things that I've shared, right? This is not some sort of hands-off, let's just hop on a call and talk about our feelings once a week. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I believe the people that decide to invest in themselves and through that then share their energy, i.e. money, with me are the ones that are looking to find answers to problems in their life, become less stressed, and then be able to pour gas on a fire that's now controlling its burn. a fire that's now controlling its burn. The best way I can say that is clients want to get big results, but we've got to create big results from sifting through some of the stuff that's not in alignment right now. And so the homework and these things allow this to happen at a much more rapid pace. And eventually we get into marketing and sales and business and all these things. at pace. And eventually we get into marketing and sales and business and all these things. And so while this has been good, it dawned on me maybe two weeks ago, I would be remiss to tell you I know exactly when it is, that there has to be a better way to do this still. And so why not send every person I know on a wild goose chase trying to find somebody in some obscure corner of the world that has something that has already been built that is comparable to what we're looking for? And so the team, not myself, hops on Zoom calls and Skypes and phone calls and our email boxes are flooded with different examples of things that people have built over their lifetime. None of which are really that exciting. They're good. They're better than what we have, but they're not phenomenal. And if I'm going to switch and I'm going to take our energy away from developing our own phenomenal platform, I only want to do that for something that's phenomenal. And so I'm resisting. I'm resisting this change because admittedly any of the other platforms that were in front of us would have streamlined all of our processes, would have made everything easier. But I'm resisting. I'm fighting because it's different. It's scary. It's a change. We're no longer quote unquote in control the minute we pay an outside vendor. And my fear with so many things such as this is what happens when I relinquish control? What goes on? What's the blind spot that I'm currently unable to see?

Integrate Zoom (07:45)

Only time would tell. But as I map out with Devin what it would take to build out what we want, it's going to be a long and arduous road with hundreds if not thousands of hours to build it. But I'm still motivated. I'm still committed. It's the path this has to go. In order for me to show up as big as I need to show up for clients and as large as I commit to showing up, I have to have large ass systems and processes in place to allow me to do that.

Hogs are Most Comfortable in Mud (08:20)

And then something changed. I believe it was last Friday. I hear Kurt out in the main part of the office having a conversation. I believe it's on a Friday, like I said, and I'm about to leave the office, and he's like, man, I think I found it. I think I found the things that we need. And by Friday at that point, it had been a long day, it had been an emotional day. There were a lot of things that went on. And I'm hearing him. But I'm not fully receiving what he's sharing with me. Like I can tell he's excited. And so I believe him. Right. I don't have to question Kurt's intentions. But yet. I'm not fully digesting what he's sharing with me. Maybe it's some decision fatigue on my side. Have you ever experienced that? Where you've had a long week and someone is super excited to share something with you that you asked them to do. They bring it to you at the end of the week in a scheduled time. It's not like Kurt called me at 9 p.m. I mean, it's 5 o'clock in the afternoon on a Friday. And I hear him, and I know he's excited, but I'm not receiving it. It's just not sinking. I can't be the only one. But if I am, so be it. I eventually recalibrate. We come into the office. Here we are recording this on a Thursday, so maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. It's something jogs my memory to go back down the path of having this conversation. And Kurt's trying to explain to me features and functionality and all the crazy things that he believes he's found. And now I'm receiving it. But it's outside the scope of my comfort in what I can understand. Because I thought I needed 20 things, and Kurt just presented me with 43 things. I'm like, man, this can't be. This sounds too good to be true, so I kick it over to one or two other people and have them look at it and play around with it just to see. And there's some holes, right? There's holes in everything. But then we'll call it divine intervention. Just before recording this show, I'm like, you know what? Let's just go ahead and pull the plug. Let's just pull the trigger, however you want to say it. Let's execute on this and start using this tool. And the minute we start going down this path, like Kurt's excited, I'm excited, energized, motivated. When literally this morning I was questioning my own motivation and I was questioning it because I was trying to fight the resistance so consistently. I was trying to fight the resistance so consistently. I'm not questioning why I'm motivated to be a coach, but it just felt like, eh, I feel like there's got to be more. There has to be a better way to do what I want to do. And I feel stagnant. I feel stuck. And I feel like, why can't I see this? There's a way to produce at a higher level than I already do. There's got to be an answer. And lo and behold, there was an answer. And we signed up for the platform and we have all the things and the pieces and parts in order. And inevitably, Kurt will spend however long it takes Kurt to build out all the crazy stuff that he will build out. Because Lord knows without him, I wouldn't be able to do an eighth of what I do. If I did, it would be 20 times as slow. And the game changes. The way I show up as a coach gets a change. The sequencing of all follow-up emails and PDFs and integration with Zoom and Stripe and paying on the go and different modules and platforms and community and chatting back and platforms and community and chatting back and forth and everything being centralized is now complete. And it's just this incredible reminder in my life of how many times that I am feeling off, right? Energetically, I'm very in tune with who I am. And I felt just off the past couple of days, not whining. I'm not complaining. I love my life. Things are good. But like, maybe you, you've experienced this. You're going about your day. There is truly nothing wrong. You're not overly tired. You're not frustrated. You're not mad. It just, there's something that's not completely stacking up the right way. And you think about it. You can't find it. There's nothing exhibiting itself. And so you just keep going through your day. And then eventually it goes away or it's forced to go away. Unfortunately, mine just went away. Simply by investing a little bit more into the craft that I love so much. And going with the flow instead of against the resistance. And the resistance was us just being so hell bent and focused on creating our own that we didn't even ask all the resources that we had available to us. So I would have to ask you, where at in your life are you just convinced that you have to go it the tough way?

The Longest, Hardest, Darkest, Dirtiest Way (13:28)

Where do you think you have to take the path that's the most frustrating, most difficult, longest, darkest, dirtiest? Where do you think that has to be in order for you to get ahead? Right? I used to think certainly it was inside of my body. If it wasn't the most grueling, most excruciating, longest, most perfectly timed, carb-filled workout, well, I wasn't gaining the way I could. Little do I know now about, little I know then what I know now about mTOR pathways and efficiency and HRV and all these things that if I actually gave a shit about accumulating muscle, there's a scientific way to increase that propensity above just working out as hard as you can.

The Signal Of Misalignment (14:20)

And if it's not that, perhaps it's your relationship, right? There could be an easy misalignment with the way you show up and communicate with your partner. And you stay so focused on the stuff that hasn't went right. You're just beating into that resistance over and over again of how you're just not getting along. Things just don't seem to work out. What if you tried for a week just to go with the flow? What if you tried when your partner asked you to take out the trash, you said, okay. When your partner said, like, can you be home by six? Yep, absolutely. What if you stopped fighting to try to be right and you just went with the flow instead of against it? How different could your life be? And then obviously the same thing would pertain to business.

Understanding And Overcoming Barriers

Overcoming Resistance (15:08)

This is a case in point inside of what I do for a living. Here I am fighting and fighting and fighting, trying to take it all on our shoulders internally, like we have to figure out how to do this, when all I had to do was ask for help. And we asked for help and magically help arrived. And through that help arriving, we will actually show up as a better organization and a better coaching group with access to the tools and software we have. I find it so incredibly unique how many times when I sit here and think about it, that I focused on going against things because I assumed life was supposed to be hard. I don't believe life is supposed to be hard. I believe there's lessons when things get tough, hard. I believe there's lessons when things get tough, but I don't believe we should be in purgatory or miserable or frustrated or fighting upstream consistently forever. I believe when those things happen, it's to wake us up to the fact of a greater possibility that we might not be doing things in the way that are in complete alignment for ourselves. And in my personal experience, when I've woken up to that truth and then actually adopted it and embodied it and began to live by that guiding force, I found out that every day after, I've been able to get shit done..

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