Do These 5 Things Before Sleeping – Sadhguru

Maximizing Self-Care Before Sleep.


🌰 Wisdom in a Nutshell

Essential insights distilled from the video.

  1. Prioritize self-care before bed.
  2. Avoid late meals and take lukewarm showers.
  3. Use organic oil lamps to eliminate negativity.
  4. Connect to the true self through breath.

📚 Introduction

This blog post highlights the importance of self-care before sleep and offers practical suggestions to optimize rest and rejuvenation.

🔍 Wisdom Unpacked

Delving deeper into the key ideas.

1. Prioritize self-care before bed

Taking care of oneself before bed is crucial to preventing the incubation of negative thoughts during sleep. Proper self-care can lead to better rest and help avoid physiological issues.

2. Avoid late meals and take lukewarm showers

To prioritize self-care, eat meals at least three to four hours before bedtime and take lukewarm showers to ease tension and anxiety. These small changes can make a significant difference in sleep quality.

3. Use organic oil lamps to eliminate negativity

Burning an organic oil lamp with a cotton wick before bed can help eliminate negative energy from your environment. This small ritual can create a peaceful atmosphere to promote restful sleep.

4. Connect to the true self through breath

Finally, remind yourself that your body and mind are not your true self. Spend some time before sleeping focusing on your breath and connecting with your inner being, which will lead to a more relaxed state.

💡 Actionable Wisdom

One transformative tip to apply and remember.

Develop a pre-sleep routine that includes eating earlier in the evening, taking a warm shower, burning an organic oil lamp, and focusing on your breath. These simple, mindful habits will provide a more positive and restful sleep experience.

🏁 Conclusion

A healthy pre-bedtime routine promotes better sleep, overall well-being, and helps combat negative thoughts. Prioritize self-care to enhance both your physical and mental health.

📽️ Source & Acknowledgment

Link to the source video.

This post summarizes Sadhguru's YouTube video titled "Do These 5 Things Before Sleeping – Sadhguru". All credit goes to the original creator. Wisdom In a Nutshell aims to provide you with key insights from top self-improvement videos, fostering personal growth. We strongly encourage you to watch the full video for a deeper understanding and to support the creator.

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