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Intro (00:00)

I interviewed Keanu Bandy, a YouTuber, TikToker, and podcaster with over a billion views. Today, we learn how he mastered the viral video. Mr. Keanu Bandy, I am your podcast producer for NoScript. You are. Yeah, so this is where we first met, bro. So yeah, I produce your podcast, NoScript, man, and I've been doing so for like, what, 10, 12 episodes? Yeah, I think just posted episode 12 13 no i just posted 11 12 is coming out i got 13 okay 13 so we've done like 13 that means i've known you for like 13 weeks bro that's crazy and we started right away like i met you here like a week not even a week like i really told you all right come in on thursday yeah yeah you we basically had like a chill interview process the interview process was me walking in like oh dude nice place see you thursday yeah honestly i didn't know what to expect you came late as hell that day though did i yeah you were like half an hour late but like i was on time today yeah yeah yeah you gave me till 10 30 yeah i was like bro like i mean i'm I mean, we have the studio until like one. So I mean, there's really, there's really no rush.

Personal Life And Career

Boarding School Experience (01:06)

Listen, man, one thing I found really interesting about you that I've heard over your 13 podcasts. I want you to tell my audience about your boarding school experience, bro. I think it's so interesting. I've never like, you know, met anyone that went to boarding school. Could you tell me about your experience? Yeah. It's hilarious because I was literally waiting on a panini press because of something that had to do with my boarding school experience. No, oh yeah, I saw that yesterday on your story. Can I start with that? Yeah. And then get into my boarding school? Go ahead, man. So in high school, I went to a boarding school from all of high school, basically, and the whole high school had 400 kids in it. My class had 100 students, 48 guys, 52 girls, and people were from all over the world so it was like split half and half so like my best friend might be from like china right and then so like it's sad because you never see them again right yeah yeah like after high school they just go to college and then they're just gone back to wherever they're from unless they stay out here so you just never know where anyone's gonna go and then the thing out there is like they never want you to go to a community college so that's like not an option so like i didn't even know that was an option when i was in high school yeah because they stress so hard about wanting you to get into a four-year right away so i mean it's it's also for their like look right oh yeah they also want to be like hey all their students like 98 of them from here going to a university they don't go to a community college so like i didn't see the traditional route of like you can go to a community college for two years and transfer out to a university so they're just on your ass all four years they're like you're gonna go you're gonna go you're gonna go you're gonna go and they make you apply and they don't let you apply to any university you want they want to make sure that wherever you apply you get in so it looks good for them so they could be like oh yeah 85 i'm just shitting i don't mean to shit on them no but whistleblower i like it so it's like 85 percent of all our students get into like 100% of the school they want to kind of deal, right? So if I was like, I want to go to Harvard, they'd be like, nah. No, but the crazy thing is the people that applied to Harvard got into Harvard, 100% of them. So it's like they select you. And they're like so on your ass starting from like sophomore year about getting your college stuff done that they'll like chase you around the school. Because it's also so small, so you just know everybody really well and the crazy thing is like teachers live on campus like their houses are literally on campus so like i was talking about on my podcast i was like if you have if you need help with homework you could literally just walk up to the teacher's house and just knock at like 8 p.m and be like hey can you help me with number five whatever right and then everything's cool like all you can eat breakfast lunch lunch, and dinner every day. Weekends too. Like I could go in on a Sunday morning, eat breakfast, and then come back home. And the cool thing was I live like five, 10 minutes away from there. So I wasn't like traveling a long way to get there. I didn't dorm there. What part of California did you grow up in again? Oh, this is Claremont. Claremont, California. I grew up in San Dimas, and then we moved to Claremont, which is like 10 minutes away. For school. But no, dude, super hard to get in. Like the application process to get in is literally the application process from getting from a high school to a college. It's from like a middle school to this high school. It's like you need teacher recommendations. You need interview processes. There's an SSAT, which is like not an SAT, but it's like the SSAT. So you take that, then you do all this stuff, then you get in and it's like a low percentage of people get in and then you just go from there, right? And then what did I talk about on my podcast about the school? You were just talking about just how like random, like everything was like, you just playing 2K while taking a break, just walking out of class. Yeah, like my friend Mitchell and I were in this media arts class. I'm actually seeing Mitchell today. And then every break we got in media arts, we'd go to his dorm room, which was cool. Cause he had a dorm room, but I didn't. So like, I didn't have to worry about like, they had strict rules for the dorm. You can't leave after 7 PM, blah, blah, blah, this, that, that. So it was cool to have a friend in the dorms, but it wasn't cool to be in the dorms, right? So media arts, we just go to his room. We'd be like, Hey, we have to use the bathroom. I'd like go first. And then 10 minutes later, he'd be like, I have to go to the bathroom. So then we'd meet up at his room, and we're just playing 2K during Media Arts class. And then the thing with Media Arts was you're allowed to leave sometimes to go take pictures and stuff for the class. Some of the times when we were supposed to do that, we're just 2K-ing it up. Yeah, man. I remember a funny story. One of our friends, Brendan, the final for this class, like no one, like no one tried at this class. No one gave a shit about this class. Sorry, Mr. Capone. His, the final project was taking pictures of like your everyday life and like piecing together a story kind of thing, right? Brendan shows up to class with pictures of him on his way to class for his final. What the fuck? Like literally, like he did his final project like three minutes before class. And like he takes a picture of himself tying his shoes, takes a picture of him running to class. And it's like all in the same outfit he had on that day he showed up to the final. That's mad creative though. Right? I like that. That's hard. But yeah, I mean, no, the school was crazy. I mean, I was part of the honor committee. I don't know if I told you about that. No, no. showed up to the fight that's mad creative though right i like that that's hard but yeah i mean no the school was crazy i mean i was part of the honor committee i don't know if i told you about that no no basically if someone got in trouble they wouldn't see the dean they would come see me wow judge jury executioner right here dude took him out i could expel you if you came in for real i swear damn like obviously i wouldn't what were like some of the offenses that you had to deal with honestly anything like they were Really big on like drug stuff damn Leaving campus when you're not allowed to Jacking off in the dining no way you can't jacked off Check your dorm they come in there like There's there's been a nut in this room yeah you need to figure this out bro that's funny there's like this 85 year old teacher's like catching all these guys jacking off we might see the problem here these kids they come in with what's that thing called like a dark light a like blue light or whatever blue light yeah shine it yeah that's hilarious it's just everywhere in the weirdest places it's like all over the computer screen dude dude the kid walks in it's like on his mouth i mean wait uh you had to be separated right boys and girls yeah so classes and everything were together yeah yeah but dorms were separate guys and girls weren't allowed in each other's dorms. It was really strict for the girls, though. Like, the girls' dorms was, like, kind of like hotel apartment situation. So you'd go in, and there's, like, a lobby, and then you'd go to the rooms. Whereas the guys were all outdoor. Interesting. So at night, the girls' dorms would, like, lock, security alarm. So if any girl tried to leave the building at night, Did that happen ever? Honestly, I don't know. Because I didn't deal with the with the girls side oh yeah that was the honor committee for the guys but i'm sure there were cases where guys were trying to get into girls dorms and stuff like that but i think i feel like there were situations where girls would be outside of their dorm after closing time and then they can't get back in so i think they'd end up in guys dorms and stuff like that right interesting yeah but with the honor committee right so let's say let's say armand gets in trouble what would you get in trouble for me probably like copying homework honestly i'm not gonna lie that's probably something i get in trouble for i feel like you'd get in trouble for letting someone copy off your homework probably yeah so let's say let's say that happened yeah that did happen plagiarism was huge and everything yeah right so let's say you got in trouble for helping some kid out you'd come in with your advisor your advisor would be i wouldn't say your lawyer they wouldn't like defend you they'd just kind of be there with you oh yeah yeah you'd walk in with your advisor it would be i was i was the head of the committee so it was me and jackson we were both the head of the committee and there was like five or six other members and we have like a teacher that would kind of sit in and make sure everything's okay um so we're not just like And we have like a teacher that would kind of sit in and make sure everything's okay. So we're not just like destroying this kid. Right. So you'd come in. We'd be like, Armand, thanks. It'd be like a depressing like, thanks for coming, man. Like what happened? And then you'd sit there like your head down, like really like out of it. Yeah, man. I let Johnny copy my homework, man. It was bad. Damn, we knew Johnny was a dumbass. So you'd be there, right? You'd say that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And we'd be like, so tell us what happened, right? And then you'd have to tell the truth because if we found out you're lying, you'd get expelled. Yeah. So if Johnny came in later and be like, this happened. Oh, that's what you guys do. Okay. Yeah, you guys wouldn't come in together. The stories have to match. Yeah, and if you guys were out there, you guys weren't allowed to talk to each other before coming in either. Okay. And you'd have to wear a full suit and tie, like the full school uniform with the tie and everything okay and i'd have my little polo yeah so you'd come in you'd be like johnny did this blah blah i'd be like okay follow me i'd write notes but in my notebook damn i'm exposing everything i just have drawings i would just be drawing the whole time i have a dick pic on one and then just some fat chick drawing on the next or some shit like that right like um but no so like you'd on one and then just some fat chick drawing on the necks or some like that right um but no so like you'd say that and then you'd leave right we wouldn't tell you like uh i wouldn't be like okay now you're gonna three days suspension whatever right you'd leave and then we'd kind of talk it over the dean wouldn't even be in there so we'd talk it over i'd be like okay so our final thing is let's let's suspend him for two days give him like this day workshop blah blah right every time you do this it gets worse so let's say you come in a third time for plagiarism you might get expelled because that did happen some kid was plagiarizing a bunch of times he got expelled you're welcome jeez bro so uh yeah then i'd decide and then i'd go to the dean i'd be like here's what we came to and then the dean would tell you how do you get caught three times bro i feel like after the second time you're like damn i gotta no you gotta suck to get caught three times yeah bro that's insane man you know what's interesting to me about all this like you went to like a really like tough school you straight edge you know you got to go to a four-year university and that's just they were pounding that into your brain like practically brainwashing you that that's like the only way to like live life right and now you just have a billion views on YouTube.

How Did Kia Transition to YouTube? (10:08)

So I want to know how that happened. You know what I mean? How'd you like rebel against the system? If I was 6'3", I'd be in the NBA. Yeah, yeah, you have a passion for basketball, yeah. No, I'm a god at basketball. Passion, I'm a god, I'm a god. No, but honestly though, yeah, I mean, I went to a school like that and then in college, like I was so like study, like- though, yeah. I mean, I went to a school like that and then in college, like I was so like study, like. Yeah. I'd study nonstop, right? Like everything I was doing was studying and then studying or basketball. And then college came around and then I was like, damn, I started like not really caring as much about school. Like I just barely try to pass. If I barely pass, I mean, like I was still pulling A's and B's, but like, I was like barely getting by. Yeah. I was like, this isn't really what I want to do. I went in try to pass. If I barely pass, I mean, like I was still pulling A's and B's, but like I was just barely getting by. I was like, this isn't really what I want to do. I went in undecided. I didn't have a major and then I declared business administration, because that's what you do when you don't know. Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing right now, bro. And then, no, I just kind of started, I think I always had a thing for like entertainment and stuff like that. Cause I mentioned this before, in middle school, I won like a film award for like best short film i made like a little short film about persian parents be like damn so that was like i think i always had it in me and it goes back to this conversation i had where i feel like everything you're doing in life and everything you want to do kind of just falls in a place the way it's supposed to like i think at the end of the day at one point or another i would have gotten into this whether it was youtube or it was 10 years from now and like a movie film or something like that might like i'm glad it happened so early on in the process but it just i kind of just started picking up like social media as it was developing and then tiktok came around and i started making videos with my parents right around the start of covid so it was it was actually a blessing when covid happened because lockdown I mean yeah it was locked down my parents were like okay we'll help you out uh the hardest transition was when I moved from uh my parents to LA school was still online so I was still taking classes online but the second I heard that it might go back to class I was like I can't I don't know if I can so I told them it was a tough conversation but I mean it's always tough with Middle Eastern parents trying to transition over right like a hundred thousand percent yeah bro um i mean you're still in school right like how yeah i mean they should be for you i mean the conversation is like dude uh they're just like you know i'm trying yeah i'm also trying to make it in the entertainment industry you know more bts not in the end the front front line like yeah you are yeah you are i mean i just know it's not like completely uh what's the word it's producing is way more feasible than being like the next king badge or kianel what do you want to do it's feasible but is that what you want to do i mean uh i don't know it's just i want to have like the creator economy is crazy like you already know like all the brand deals and all the monetization that comes in it's crazy but it's hard to achieve that you know why we say that but I got like a thousand bucks office I was really about to say is my where he's getting like oh that's like that's random you know it's like oh it's really hard to replicate that you know I in my eyes I don't know I feel like that was just super lucky like wow the algorithm just hit on that one I don't have to think about it like the videos I'm sending you imagine if you were making like five of those a day, right? Like they're going to hit, like if one out of like, if I randomly send you one and it blows up, you got to think about like, imagine you're posting 35 of those a week. Yeah. Yeah. Even if two of them blow up, right? Like over time, that catalog you're building of all these videos. And then like, imagine you have 35 videos you're putting out a week, starting where you're at right now, two are blowing up every single week and then you start piecing those twos from every week together and you're like okay and then even more narrowed down so eventually like that's why when i tell people i'm like i know if i post this kind of video i'm gonna get a million views on youtube because i just i like after a while you just start to know you know what concepts you know what style you know how to start the video you know how to drag the video on you know how to end the video but that doesn't just happen the video on, you know how to end the video. But that doesn't just happen. I didn't just know that a year ago. You uploaded thousands of videos to find out what works. Yeah, and the great thing with YouTube, what I was doing is reposting videos. And then some videos don't do well. There was a video I did, like honesty test, sure, 17 million the first time, and then not that much the second time. But then there is videos that every single time I'm posting are hitting 80 million, 40 million, 30 million 30 million 20 million then you start to like pick up so you take that video and then you take another video that's doing the similar numbers and you're like okay i just know like there's certain videos that i could just piece together in my head that are going to go viral yeah and i think that comes with like repetition and just constantly putting stuff out then you just start to know right yeah yeah one thousand percent man i mean it's all where you start and how you continue growing yeah and honestly i've been like kind of brainwashing my parents and like teaching them about like the creator economy i'm just like dude you know like mr beast like five years ago was like no one and now he's a billionaire with a b right because he has with the creator economy like he built off businesses that you we've eaten his chocolate before logan paul we've drank his drink before so i'm just like you know these are these guys sure they make videos but in reality they're businessmen right like and i've seen that with you too like sure you make videos but you have a really good brain for like brand deals and making connections and networking like you you were telling me like oh you, this guy called me and emailed me and he gave me a million dollar deal with this much interest rate or whatever.

Creator Economy (14:46)

Remember? Oh, I could talk about that. Yeah, and you're like, any idiot would have taken that, but you did the math and you're like, oh, this is stupid. What was it? It was like $3 million or something? That's a fucking house, bro. But listen to how bad this deal was, right? He offered me $3 million. He's like, I'll deal was right like he offered me three million dollars like i'll give you three million dollars i was like i'm in and then i was i like look at it i'm like hold on like well the interest rate was crazy so i would take the three million right right yeah yeah and then i'd have like five years and i'd have to pay you back like what 7.5 million dollars or some crazy like whatever it was yeah like that's insane no like 4.5 still i gotta make 1.5 million dollars off this 3 million dollars like yeah i'm basically taking debt for no reason what am i gonna do live in a big house and then but you were smart enough to see that like a lot of other like creators probably would have just been like 3.5 men and just signed the contract immediately and then they're screwed but you know you you took the time and you just know that you had it's not it's not what it seems there's always a catch so i'm just saying no no i hear you i appreciate i think there's like a lot of people do take really stupid deals that they get not only like with like products or stuff like that but like in terms of like manager deals and stuff oh yeah a lot of people get screwed bro in la man it's just a lot of vultures out there bro a lot of people just trying to come in and just steal it bro people come here and then they'll lie to like sign someone and then once it's at that point they're like damn i don't know what to do right yeah yeah and like i mean if you're far i mean even if you're like really far along your journey anything like this could like destroy you kind of thing so you got to be careful always yeah 100 bro there's so many people that i've seen just like rise to the top a lot and then just fall off completely like uh foozy tube is one example like he had like lambos and ferraris big house and like now he's like broke streaming on twitch and stuff not really is he streaming is that is that yeah i mean but he's not really like he like he lost all his money i'm like how'd you do that bro just drive like a damn like toyota camry bro you don't need to drive a lambo all the time yeah it's crazy middle eastern lost his money yeah and like not even that phased rain i remember that was like a big hit i used to see him like buying like audi r8s and mclarens is he not relevant i thought i heard i saw a podcast from the other day is he trying to he's trying to be relevant like uh he had like a big drug problem and he like uh he practically was paralyzed from from the legs down oh yeah i was like uh he had like a big drug problem and he like uh he practically was paralyzed from from the legs down oh shit yeah i was like and he was like talking about how unhappy he was i'm like bro i'm looking at you in this mansion in like in like woodland hills and all these nice cars like why are you so unhappy i'm just like i want to know what's going on behind that but you know that's like way way, far, like with so much money. I'm just like, yeah, I just want, I just wanna afford a car with this shit, bro. You know, I'm just like, shit dude, these motherfuckers got three super cars. I just want one, you know? Hey, it's one person that comes on your podcast might fuck it up for you. Bro, who knows, man. Joe Rogan. Keanu Albany, bro. 10 million views. No, and like, that's another thing too. Like just knowing content, like you said like uh you had to post a lot to understand what works you know with the hooks and how to get people with retention and stuff it's it's tough man a lot of marketing agencies beg for that kind of stuff they're like man what if my like what if my brand had like 10 million views on a short or whatever yeah i'm sure they've reached out i also think the thing is i'm just so weird and like crazy in real life like not like crazy like but like i'm like my mind works so differently like i i really want to talk about this panini press situation yesterday like i ordered this panini press on amazon and it said it was going to come in yesterday prime amazon prime whatever right delivering yesterday by 10 until 10 p. So I didn't eat all day. I was like, okay, it says 10 PM, but it's going to show up sooner.

Panini Press (18:48)

Like Amazon always does that, dude. I didn't eat anything all day. Like I, I wasn't eating. And then what? It's 5 PM, 6 PM, 7 PM. And then at 9 PM or at 8 PM, I go sit in the lobby of the apartment. I'm like, okay, I'm like thinking of all the negatives that might go wrong. What if the guy can't get into the lobby and I don't get my panini press. So I'm sitting in the lobby of the apartment. I'm like, okay. I'm thinking of all the negatives that might go wrong. What if the guy can't get into the lobby and I don't get my panini press? So I'm sitting in the lobby for two hours. She comes back. In this two hours, I don't even post about it, right? I post about how I'm waiting for the panini press, but I don't post this next part because I'm like, it might be too weird. Dude, I literally leave the apartment in the pouring rain. I'm driving around, blocks around, looking for the Amazon Prime driver so I can ask for my panini press. This is like 9.30 PM. I'm driving the streets of West Hollywood looking for an Amazon Prime driver. How good is this panini press, bro? That's what I'm saying. This goes back to high school. In high school, I used to make a mean grilled cheese sandwich, bro. Listen to this. Bread, cheese, ham, lettuce, ham, cheese, bread. grilled cheese sandwich bro listen to this bread cheese ham lettuce ham cheese bread Muslim I can't hear that but yeah okay for you bread bread you put that on the panini press right yeah like the sandwich is like this thick right yeah yeah so then you'd like put it in the panini press, right? So like the sandwich is like this thick, right? So then you'd like put it in the panini press and I would squeeze like all the way down. So you'd want your sandwich this thick when it comes out. Compact. You want the cheese from the top to hit the cheese from the bottom and it like, it melts it, but it doesn't melt it far enough so that it reaches the lettuce on the inside. So the lettuce stays cold in between the ham slices. But the ham heats off the heat of the cheese so it's squeezed down and it looks like the cheeses are like intertwining yeah yeah dude you're gonna finish in like three bites but it's the greatest thing ever i i didn't need all day to have that and it didn't come dude that's insane it still hasn't showed up. You're still looking around. You're still hoping for the Amazon driver. I changed my location to here. Dude, you're crazy, man. You got to open a Now Bandi's. It's just grilled paninis, bro. Dude, that's good. Yeah. And I only hire heavy people so they can put pressure on that panini grill. That's part of the appeal. Right? No, dude, I'm telling you. If it's this thick, it won't be good yeah yeah no this guy i gotta i gotta try it but not with ham you know i can't do it for you bro it's gotta have ham in it you could bite it and spit it out i don't care but no no i can't do that bro like okay that's another thing too i was actually enjoying it with allah the other day even he liked it because that's low-key this is it this guy right here but like that's another reason why uh i i really like you is like the the alcohol weed thing you know because every time i go to la parties everyone and their mom is like drinking and smoking and stuff and i'm just there like oh this is this is cool huh like I'm just I'm just you're that guy huh I'm that guy too I'm just looking I'm just like wow this is cool people really change when they're drunk huh and I'm yeah I'm just that guy people are always offering um that's why I really like that new water brand that came out that looks like a beer can liquid death yeah liquid death so I just have that and people just think I'm drinking I'm like yeah, yeah.

Sober (21:51)

It makes you feel more included, I guess. Do you like to feel more included? No, I mean, it's just like people would just stop asking you. It is that. Do you want a drink? And I'm just like, I got one, bro. Here's how you respond if someone says, do you want a drink? Okay. That's me. Hey, man. Fuck you. And then people. Dude, I was just asking where the restroom was. People get so deep with it like it's a Starbucks drink too. I'm like, can I have a chilled martini with three cherries and spin it three times and spit it in and then do five jumping jacks. Dude, imagine if we... That's the thing they should do, bro. Because me and you wouldn't charge as much as a bartender, right? Yeah, yeah. So they should bring us on after like 11 p.m when everyone's like drunk yeah so we could literally piece together whatever and people will think it's what they want so like from 9 to 11 they'll hire a real bartender that'll like get things going and then once everyone's drunk from like 11 to 1 it's me and you they'll be like hey can we get a tequila martini green tea extract from with little band and sauce and shit like that right exactly and then you just you're just under the table just like mixing ketchup and mustard relations they probably still think it's bomb exactly I mean save them some money yeah on God man but yeah that's that's just so insane man la like you moving from Claremont to LA like you probably had to deal with like you know it's just a culture shock right like all these influencers and stuff i mean i'm sure you're used to it by now but like in 2020 what was going through your head you know yeah i mean the thing was like in in in the context of like what drinking or just no no not drinking just like just like the influencer and then content creation

LA Culture Shock (23:34)

world like how was that for you yeah i mean the thing was when i was back home it was like no one's an influencer out there it's not even that far it's like an hour away but still like no one's doing this out there everyone's in school so I was filming with people and the thing I talked about last time that I did notice with like filming with friends and stuff a lot of people are like funny off camera like they're the most hilarious people but then once I turn the camera on it's like they just get awkward and that's something I had to work on with my family and stuff because like dude they were like going crazy having fun and then when it comes to like recording it's like now they have to like study this that i'm like no just do what you were doing before right so it was tough over there but i mean eventually now my parents are really good at it right yeah they could literally if i give them a line they'll do it right away easily but the thing with like friends out there is like i was making videos with friends and then they could only bring me so much like they could only give so much if they're not doing it themselves. Cause like they have school, they have their family to take care of. And that's something I noticed out there. I was like, I don't think I'll ever reach that milestone. I want to get to being out here. So let me give LA a shot, right? So I came out here and I right away got onto like, I got to start like connecting and reaching out to people and stuff. So I sent a DM to Jake Hunter who I had on, on my podcast last time. Um, I'm like, Hey man, I'm, I'm new to LA. If you want to have a film, if you need someone to help you or anything like that. And I think that's the biggest thing. Like I didn't have like a hot head where I'm like, I'm going to go get all my videos done, stuff like that. Right. So I was so open to just give my time to people just so I could build that network up. So I was so open to just give my time to people just so I could build that network up. So I went to Jake's shoe. He eventually invited me out, which was amazing for like a brand deal. And he's like, all right, now what do you want to film? Like, oh, I don't have any, like, I'm just here to help you out. And I think that's the biggest thing that helped build my relationship with Jake too. It's like, he saw that I wasn't just there trying to like get things out of people and like, just worry about my stuff. was literally there adding value adding value to his stuff right because i was like that's all i knew it wasn't even like a tactic or anything right it's just like i was there to help them out and i was like it felt good to do that like you're on a movie set you're not worrying about your own stuff right so i think that was the biggest thing that helped me take a step into la and then eventually jake took me to like these creator meetups and stuff where i started to meet more and more people that i'm around now and then like wish house came around now wish house is gone and then these other houses came around now they're gone but i think once you find that solid group of people like you guys all grow together but it's about like putting yourself out there just like literally messaging people and being like yeah can i help you that's it like hey can i help you you go for like two hours of your day help someone out and just it could literally open up so many doors for you yeah i mean it's just like uh like the six degrees of separation thing you meet one person that person introduces you to another person it just keeps going and going and then like you're in the like la content creation world for so long you're like oh uh you check like people's instagram mutuals it's like oh everyone kind of knows each other like you know everyone's in the same realm it's crazy i mean jake told me one thing that was really big too he was like going off that he's like i can't help you i could bring you to these creator meetups but that's all i could do it's what you do from there yeah that's gonna create your future which was i thought was huge for me to like move out here and hear that yeah so i think it literally is about like people are gonna open doors but it's about how you're gonna push through them you know like you gotta keep you got you can't take your foot off the gas yeah one thousand percent man and yeah you're the only person i know that goes and like hey let me see your mutuals i'm like who the no that's like that's so important because it's just like you know it's like who do you know that i know and then it's like a common thing you could be like oh you how do you know this person it's like, who do you know that I know? And then it's like a common thing. You could be like, oh, how do you know this person? It's like a conversation starter, basically. It was funny. You were like, oh, dude, AirAx manager follows you. I was like, what? Yeah. No, I'm just, yeah. I mean, it's just random things like that. I'm just like, wow. Like this guy probably was just like, I wonder if Keanu Bandy could do like a shorts for like Pizza Fire or something. That's AirAx brand. Okay. Just like how you did Feastables. No, I mean, Feastables sent me stuff too. I mean yeah like i've i've eaten like half your chocolates bro dude literally i i gotta make my story videos for them before you eat them all i literally go the other day i'm like all the good ones are gone it's just like extra belgium dark chocolate you gotta eat that one on camera i like i get like uh what's that little thing called where we like see the inside of your stomach there's just peace the bulls roaming around shout out peaceables for sending me the it's like our inside arm on stomach yeah yeah the crunch bar yeah exactly all the crunch ones are good that was bomb good job no i ate like one bro whoa dog i see you stashing your pocket with like four out of time the one i like the most is the sea salt one i ate a lot of those i'm not gonna cap now it's your favorite after you ate all the crunch ones i'm not even gonna cap i took like three chocolate sea salt ones but i only ate like one crunch one at your place that was it i didn't really not because you said it was your favorite so i was like all right then who ate them i did not i didn't eat them i think i offered so many of them yeah yeah yeah yeah the sea salt's good sea salt this is this is a question like i want to know okay how does it feel like hitting a million subscribers i want to put my headphones back this is awkward being in the real world i'm gonna leave your guys's world i'll enter your world man come into my world yeah how does it feel hitting one million subscribers yeah i think seeing the exponential growth after a hundred thousand subscribers was a lot crazier than seeing the one million hit because it was so expected to see the one million not even before the 100k, cause I was telling people I was at a thousand subscribers like a month before I hit a hundred thousand.

How Does It Feel Hitting 1 Million Subscribers (28:51)

Yeah. And I was like, I was literally on TikTok live trying to tell people to go subscribe. I was like 9.98, 9.99. I was like, guys, one more subscriber. And I was like, oh, I hit a thousand. A month later, I'm at a hundred K. So I think seeing the exponential growth start to happen off these videos was a lot crazier than hitting it. Cause you know, it's going to happen eventually once you're growing like that. Yeah. So I was like, crap, like i'm like growing really fast right like i'm like okay 100k is about to happen before i know 100k is here before i know what a million's here my 100k plaque's coming in right it's like i think it was crazy like looking back at it it was like a surreal moment and then the million plaque came in and then my friend eric was like fixing the podcast shelf and dropped something on the plaque. And there's like two little like dents on my YouTube plaque, my one million plaque. I don't know if you've seen it. No, no, I've seen it. It looks great. Have you seen the dents? No, no. I haven't seen the dents. But yeah, no, it was crazy. I mean, to hit a million is like insane, right? Like you look back at it. And then I think what's even crazier is 1.5 billion views. Yeah, that's insane bro that's like that's a big chunk of the human population bro yeah dude that's like your whole country yeah that's literally over one eighth 1.58 basically but still you know i'm sorry and that's just on youtube imagine like tick tock and then reels and then facebook and then snapchat put all that together like i don't even know i'm gonna do the math for the thumbnail i'm probably gonna right you have like five billion views or something i don't know dude it's gonna it's gonna be like two two two four five two billion maybe yeah it's all i'm telling you majority's in youtube it's crazy okay uh and i always wonder i'm like who's seen these videos like i was talking about this last time i was like has obama seen my videos right like justin bie last time I was like has Obama seen my videos right like Justin Bieber nah I want Obama to see my video this young kid's really down here now Benny I never get some bathroom code right dude I'll be crazy I'm just at the White House I'm just out in public I see Obama right and he's just I'm just out in public. I see Obama, right? And he's just like... We're just like awkward eye contact. Hey, K, what's the bathroom code? Hey, what's the bathroom code? He starts cracking up at his own joke. What's the bathroom code? I'm like, Barack, you got me. Got me there. Bro, I was like referencing your own videos and you didn't get it. Like when we were at Dave's, I was like, bro, look at that bathroom code, man. How am I going to open that? I was like, what? Yeah and you didn't get it like when we were at Dave's I was like probably that bathroom Code man. How am I gonna open? I was like what? Yeah Bro, that's like that's your bread and butter That's like asking PewDiePie like a Horror games, huh? He's like what so what are those? Oh Yeah, no I do remember that yeah, man Yeah, I've seen you posted like 20 times. No, there's like seven parts. Yeah. Yeah, I do remember that. Yeah, man. Yeah, man. Yeah, I've seen you post it, like, 20 times. No, there's, like, seven parts. Yeah, yeah. There's, like, seven parts. There's, like, little variations, yeah. Dude, they get crazier every time. Like, weirder, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. The first one might be, like, oh, to get into the bathroom, you gotta, what, like, hold your door, hold your elbow against the door and push it down. Like, that sounds reasonable. Like, some, like, weird rundown place might be, like place might be like okay you gotta like really try to get in that door right yeah yeah but then by like the seventh video it's like oh you gotta do cartwheels with spider man yeah you gotta leapfrog with the michael myers yeah yeah michael myers but yeah those are those are like that's that's also another thing like i i'm like really impressed by you it's like whenever we're together i'm like huh kid you have any ideas and like I see your mind working and you come up with a lot of ideas and you obviously write your own scripts like uh how did like that come to be is that like something you've you've learned over the years like uh you know making ideas for videos and stuff so there's like a very like I wouldn't say simple but there's always like a structure to filming like comedy videos and stuff that you like start to develop over time I think I've been pretty lucky off the bat that my mind has been able to come up with some of the ideas I had because like off the bat like I was making skits and stuff like that the quality is obviously better the structure is a lot better but I think if you look at like the way it was before it's very similar to how it is now like there's a simple structure like there comedy works in threes.

Generating Ideas (32:37)

So three, uh, forms of like growing the video basically. So the first one you exponentially want to get even crazier. So it's like, my whole thing is making fun of situations and expanding it to the outmost that it can be. Right. So let's say like, uh, bathroom code, right right like first one might be simple second one might be crazier third one might be the craziest and then you end the video so you need those three and then you need a twist at the end so i think if you follow that structure for like comedy videos and if you look through all my videos you could kind of see that structure also yeah so i think that's like once you develop that then all you need to do is fill in those with ideas yeah so you and i kind of did that like with the hate like the coaster like million subscriber thing where we just find excuses To use your million subscriber and I was like, oh, yeah, like you came up with that really quick exact So like if you give me an idea, like give me any idea and I'll tell you how it works in my brain, bro Oh my god, you see that's the thing. I like the the initial idea is the hardest part Ah damn literally just like you look around and anything you think might be relatable heart ah damn literally just like you look around and anything you think might be relatable like you could be like he's sitting there and like pov like when your co-worker is really annoying right yeah yeah so like he's sitting there you're sitting there and first one might start like he's like chewing on a pen because it's not that crazy but it's like it's annoying you know it's annoying when people are chewing on a pen and you kind of turn around like hey dude can you keep it down over there he's like yeah I got you and you go back to work and then he's like chewing chips over there and you're like dude i told you to keep it down so now it's even crazier right the third one he's like driving around his rolling chair they do it with like touch the one like and then you're like now it's like the time for the twist right so then you'd be like all right let me see how you like it you pull out like a drum set and start hitting the drums like dude keep it down yeah yeah okay i see that like that right so similar structure it's the base idea and you just exponentially make it crazier okay interesting this guy you just gave out the youtube secret i'm gonna make that before i leave yeah i'm gonna have a plaque by like next week now bro and that's the thing dude youtube loves skits yeah yeah youtube like skits haven't performed that great on like other platforms i mean i can I can't say that. Like a decent following everywhere. But yeah, I think YouTube has really recognized the skit community more than anybody has. It's always been that. Yeah, like Ryan Higa, Smosh.

Inspirations (35:33)

Did you ever have like any inspirations for like your style? Mr. Bean. Not for my style, but for my like comedy. That's interesting because he's mute. So like it's a lot of physical comedy. It is. And that's why I think why my stuff gets so weird and crazy right yeah i'll have like crazy stuff going on like i want to be able i want people to watch it and like visually it's like so mr bean was like really big because like his story about how he started and why he did what he did was really cool too uh how no one wanted to give him a chance because he was mute i mean he could he couldn't really piece together senses i mean he had a stutter problem right yeah roman atwood roman atwood dude the god i want to get him on the podcast wait wait no no no no no not atwood sorry atkins roman atwood's the youtuber yeah i was like trying to figure out mr bean's real name yeah yeah so damn roman atwood i loved him too yeah yeah him and vitality yeah yeah dude so uh what was i saying yeah mr bean about he's like okay you guys don't want to hire me to come on your shows i'll make my own without talking right and i think his humor is just so funny if you can make someone laugh without saying a word it's pretty it's pretty it has to be pretty funny right yeah yeah so i think him and then like i i started watching key and peel um just to see like that's more like skit stuff as opposed to like what Mr Bean did which is like everything at the end of the day is a skit when it comes to like TV shows it's like how long the skit is kind of thing right like how dragged out it is and one thing you just said right now is like uh how Mr

Universal Language (36:58)

Bean couldn't talk and like everyone enjoyed his content that's that's a key thing you have that i've noticed it's like it passes the over the shoulder check where like you don't really need audio to just uh understand what's happening or it's like it it's beyond language you know and anyone can speak any language and understand your video just like uh like the number one tick tocker kb lame i think hobby copy lame he doesn't say anything he doesn't even speak and he beat charlie d'amelio right because his thing is just universal everyone understands it and like charlie d'amelio dances to like english pop music so it's like it really condenses their audience you know no i think that's big i think there's a crazy statistic on like how content is viewed like a lot like majority of it is viewed without audio right and like people might be at work or something they can't have their go they're scrolling right and they'll only stop at videos that has texture that makes sense without audio yeah so that you pass the make sense without audio thing that's why I have to throw captions on everything you know because you said damn who's calling me now everybody's calling me uh you were telling me you're telling me how you saw someone on the train watching my video yeah that was so sir i was like on the way to your place dude that was so weird i was like i look i just look and i i saw your face i was like what the hell bro you should have been like excuse me that guy sucks i pull up a selfie with me and you and they're like what the hell is going on have you seen my videos of people making fun of my videos where i like i see them in public watching it oh yeah yeah i've seen one like uh someone's like i'm like i caught this guy watching my videos and as i walk i'm like hey sir's like damn this guy fucking sucks yeah she was in that one yeah yeah you should you should if you see someone watching my videos you should just walk up and tell them how much i suck i see that guy all the time like who is he yeah see what they say I want to see their reaction they're like dude no Kia's the best bro he's like the number one man and you're just secretly filming yeah and like you have a like

Tesla Wrap | MrBeast (38:54)

uh what's not iconic uh you have a very unique and recognizable car just like Mr Bean you know like oh man if I had Mr bean's car bro yeah i'll take it over this one all right i'll take that one uh but uh your unique tesla i mean you know that's like a crazy rap that like it's just like people literally when we're hanging out people recognize you on the road bro some people think i'm mr beast yeah like i'm really remember that like somebody came up uh after like we went to this uh thing in orange county and then someone comes up next to me he's like dude is that mr beast thing i'm like no it's my thing yeah a lot of people like uh on the videos we do like everyone just comments mr beast because you guys have the same color profile you know with the car i probably wouldn't have done it if that was the case if i knew that before yeah yeah i don't know if i were i'm thinking about new colors to do dude there's this really cool one I saw. I heard Joe Rogan talk about it on his podcast. It's like this really dark shade of black. Yeah, I've seen like, you know, the Instagram people doing it on like their like iPhones and Mercedes and stuff. It's like a vibe that people go for. Dude, it's like it's so black that it doesn't pick up any kind of light at all. So like at night, you'll only see headlights. And if you don't have your headlights on, your car is like invisible. I think Daniel Radcliffe has that because he doesn't like paparazzi shooting him. Oh, really? Yeah. His clothes are also like that where it's like it's like reflective. So you can't take pictures of Daniel Radcliffe. Oh. Yeah. That's interesting. Yeah, that's like a real thing. Like celebrities love that. I didn't know that was even legal i saw a tesla are you with me can i pull this picture yeah yeah of course you're gonna have to send that to me because i'm gonna have to put it i have no chris oh yeah this is on you i was about to like say chris give me one second oh look at this it's up on the screen for you guys as well damn that's pretty sick it looks like jason nash's one no no this isn't bro it's up on the screen for you guys as well damn that's pretty sick it looks like jason nash's one no no this isn't regular black bro this is like like at night you won't see that car damn that's i feel like if i touch it it'd be like velvet right yeah yeah exactly but then how do you wash that if it's like that dude i'm just thinking of bird shit and just random stuff oh imagine bird shit on this oh yeah oh yeah but it's just like it looks cool in theory but that guy has to do so much upkeep probably you know yeah yeah yeah because like a couple spots man it would just look terrible on it what what split colors you think would look best for my next rap dude that's so tough man i was thinking like purple and green like the joker yeah i mean those are the two colors i like uh that's so tough man i was thinking like purple and green like the joker yeah i mean those are the two colors i like uh that's basically my my colors as well oh is it yeah is it really yeah but i mean you know where is there purple and green here oh i mean it's just like on my youtube banner and oh yeah sure that's green yeah yeah i just like i have liked those colors for a long time yeah purple and green. Interesting. Yeah, like Joker vibe. I mean, I don't know what, when I started liking it, probably like Avengers Endgame or something. I'm like, damn, purple's kind of sick, bro. I had another idea. I want it to just be mirrors. That's illegal as fuck, bro. That is illegal as a motherfucker. Like this kid's, like the mom's driving by, mom, it's us. Like what the fuck? Dude, that's crazy. that that has to someone has to have done that right i want to see how that looks like that bro yeah it's illegal but someone's done it did you hear about the new uh license plates that just came out no no who's telling me about this were you telling about this the license plates are like electronic it's like a thousand dollars for electronic license plate and obviously you can't change the writing on it but you could literally change the whole custom design off your phone damn like it's literally just a screen idea right yeah yeah and now that they just got they're just legal in California they just got legalized here so yeah pretty cool that's sick I could be driving around like every time you enter a toll road you just turn it off bro every time i leave your your place after a podcast production at night i see the most random cars man it's always just like dude people on hollywood sunset are just crazy man they'd like to show it off like that too the funny thing is and you you see crazy shit in hollywood but then 20 minutes later you just completely forget about it yeah i

Seeing Insanity In Hollywood (42:42)

was talking to huddy about this the other day we walked into home depot this dude was green like his whole body was like green yeah and okay like sure you see that right but then you see someone with him regular guy long blonde hair guy yeah looks regular as fuck and then this dude with him is just green like bright green like perfectly painted you and i i had a ski mask on glasses crutches i wonder what other people were thinking you know i'm gonna have to literally walk out of the apartment he has like ski mask on he's like holding crutches like your landlord's like hey kid yeah exactly the guy's like what's up man like yeah like and like the things you say to me like in matt like i had this too when i went to dallas for like uh for my family's wedding right people were like dude i see your stories you're like with like jeff and like david dobrik and jason now i'm like i'm not with them i just run into them right but then they're like yeah well that's never gonna happen here i'm like yeah you're right we do kind of just take that for granted like you were telling me like i just saw no becca uh coffee bean and you know i saw uh kane brown just walking down oh man yeah like i love kane brown yeah isn't that kate brown reach back to me i have an opportunity yeah that's that's crazy you know it's just like we really do take that for granted yeah absolutely i think i think once you're in la it's really tough to leave la you know like a lot of people are here and they're like they might hate it yeah but then once you're in LA, it's really tough to leave LA. A lot of people are here and they might hate it. But then once you leave, your life becomes so different. Life is so different. It's like a different world. Literally, going back to that green guy, 10 minutes later, we forgot about him. It's that normal to see some weird stuff. For someone else in Tennessee, that's like their annual highlight or something. Yeah, you see that at a mall in Indiana. like indiana right like you're gonna remember that for the rest of your life it was green yeah it's so random man yeah i mean even weirder sorry in the same home depot that same day what the fuck is going on in that home depot it was just like there was this guy and this girl like older i want to say like, I don't know if they were homeless. I don't want to say they were homeless, right? Okay. But I'm like, Huddy and I are walking by and we just left the gym and all my clothes have been dirty for the past few weeks. So I was wearing my really tight shorts, right? Yeah. And I just see this guy and this lady just staring at me. He looks like Moana, right? Like, you know what Moana looks like, right? Yeah. The big dude, not Moana. Like the big- Dwayne Johnson? Yeah, the Dwayne Johnson the Dwayne Johnson guy yeah yeah so then he's just like hey I'm like damn nice that's LA baby hi there and then he's like how are you I'm like good have a good one and we just walk away that I completely forgot about that in Indiana you'd remember too yeah yeah I like this was random too like i was again walking home from your place because it's just hollywood right and then i just accidentally walk into like this uh gay bar like i accidentally arm on walking into it it wasn't inside it was outside this isn't del taco oops i guess i'll stay it was outside and then i was just trying to walk through man i was just trying to walk through but then i'm just like and then i i like take a right to like go around but i'm like oh no i have i am in the wrong place and i'm just like i'm just like how do i end up in these random situations you know okay let this follow-up question is gonna say a lot about you okay how long did you stay bro like 20 seconds i dipped i just got lost in the sauce i was just like i took one left i'm like right i'm like whoa where am i bro i gotta take you with uh silky i took my other friend jay back in the day to a gay strip club with uh our drag queen friend silky ganache and they're like doing their drag shows and everything and they're like what are we celebrating here and then silky looks at jay he's coming out party and then jay's like so then they just have like dancers dancing like these guys with like speedos dancing on my friend jay he's like throwing money at them it was like it's fun when you're not jay yeah yeah yeah yeah but then when you become i want to take you no i'm not going to become your j man i'm going to take you you're going to become my j if i hit a million subscribers and we'll make sure there's no ham you won't you won't have to go against the lord okay okay so we got this on camera if i hit a million subscribers you're free to do that man really yeah you bring the dollar bills sure bro if i had a million subscribers i'll bring all the dollar bills that's what i thought mr beast that's what i thought too thought i'd have some dollar bills to bring when i hit a million i'm more broke than i was when i started uh now you have like 3.5 million just gotta sign the contract No, you have like 3.5 million. You just got to sign the contract. Oh, fuck that contract. Yeah, I mean, but nah, man. You got to zoom out and look at yourself, man. You make content. You have, you like, you live in the heart of Hollywood, a very expensive area, and you pay for that yourself. No help from parents, I'm assuming, right? So the funny thing is the apartment I'm living in is my dad's apartment oh whoa okay I mean I I paid him rent I still I did not know that yeah yeah no I pay him right I mean like he could rent it out somebody else like he his mortgage is under under his name and stuff or yeah the mortgage is under his name okay I mean Heidi and I are on the leasing form so nice we pay him rent he because i honestly like i'd feel bad if i didn't because he could be giving it to somebody else and making money but he's not yeah you know so but it's fun this the story's funny that's that's ultimately why we moved to west hollywood and i'm glad i didn't move to like the valley or something like that because yeah yeah i wouldn't want to be there yeah i mean you're just like in the heart of content creation we walk down we just see stellar randomly filming you walk up two minutes to Dobrik's Pizza place yeah you could walk anywhere it's comedy store with like just a Lister actors never been there I want to go there yeah I mean literally I saw fluffy was there the other day bro it's just that place, man. It's just literally, I remember this was like one of the most LA moments ever. Like I literally saw like Elon Musk was there. I couldn't see him, but I knew he was there because there were so many bodyguards. And I just see a homeless guy taking a piss on the side of him. Oh, yeah, this is LA, man. Richest guy in the world, poorest guy in the world. This is insane, man. Damn, you disrespected that homeless guy. I'm just like, wow, in my eyeshot, like it's just the entire world's wealth. That is pretty funny, yeah. And then it's like nobody. It's just like, wow, this is LA, man. That's the wealth gap. You know that there's a street near the comedy store, one of those streets around there, right? One night, a couple years ago, when i first moved out here like a year ago or something right dude you know when you see something and then you like you're just like you're so like shocked at the situation that later on you look back and you're like i don't even know if this was real but thankfully i don't take drugs so i know it was real right so i look i literally was driving and I stopped. There's this car, this Corolla, just ramming into cars, backing up, just ramming into cars at the intersection, right? Like, I'm like, I'm just like, what? Like, I'm trying to, like, process every possible situation that might have happened before I got there. But I'm like, there's nothing. Like, this guy just literally just started running into cars. I just leave. I'm like, this is weird. Yeah. And I haven't even running into cars. I just leave. I'm like, this is weird. Yeah. And I haven't even like talked about it or thought about that situation since after it happened. Yeah, it was over a year ago. I didn't know Brittany yet. That's insane, bro. But it was crazy to me. I'm like, holy shit. That's so weird. What the hell? That's it. I'll be like, yeah, I mean. Like parked cars or like in the. In the next two years. In traffic. Two years ago. Dude, at the red lights. Like there was like, It was nighttime too. This car's just... Those are drunk people, bro. That's the Modelo time. No, dude, he was on target, bro. He was hitting everyone on target. That's the crazy thing. He wasn't even drunk, bro. He was playing VR GTA yesterday and forgot he didn't take off his or forgot he took off the vr headset and now he's in real life dude even worse have you seen when people connect their xbox controls to their actual cars oh yeah yeah i've seen that what if this is just at home gaming it was a while i wonder why my controller's not working yeah like i mean that's already a reality bro because i remember my homie was like summoning his uh tesla and then like he like uh you know he just didn't see like there's just stuff on the ground just like just random like cups of drinks and stuff i'm just like wow this is i mean the tesla didn't detect it but i'm just like wow that's so crazy like a car is driving itself like my friend is like all the way here but i see his car pulling up and coming to him it's just like we're already there bro yeah dude there's tesla's like developing like crazy there was a video i saw of like the tesla at the cemetery did you see that no no and it like detects like people all the all around yeah yeah it's good at that no like i'm saying at the cemetery. Oh Black not underground. No, they didn't go under No, no, like they're like the people who are six feet under right? Yeah, you know But it's like showing them around like people just like traffic like heavy foot traffic. Oh Yes, send me that's creepy. I hate Wow, that's mad. I don't know how you that with tesla like you he's literally filming there and he's like showing that like people walking around i'm like holy shit that's creepy damn they're all eating my panini press sandwich your panini press is right there bro they all went to hell for yeah i hope it comes in man what your panini press it says dude it said it was coming in now within the next few days change the topic get off that's gonna piss me off are you like desensitized to like getting a lot of views on the internet like uh for me if i hit a million views on a youtube video bar i'd be going insane and like for you like you're just showing me oh look look armand i got like eight million views on this i'm like oh wow that's a life-changing for me you're just like uh i think after the monetization everything got a little slowed down yeah yeah so like if i see a million i'll be like nice how much i got like 10 cents off it yeah but i don't i don't really look at like the revenue per video yeah look at that at

Drama And Consequences

Desensitized to YouTube Virality (52:49)

the end of the month but like yeah what were you saying no i'm just saying yeah you look overall just how much it does monthly yeah but like let's say like the other day i was scrolling through right i see uh what regular views regular views regular views and i see 10 million on my uh pull out gum video right and then i just keep scrolling like i'm like oh dope yeah yeah but it's not like oh like i think i'm at the point where i'm trying to grow my long form so much right now that i don't want to say i'm taking them for granted on my short forms but i i it's just like it's something bigger than just the views for me you know like i want to get those long form i want people to see my long forms not so i can make money but because i really think it's like the best work i've done yeah no 1000 is just your like just after hearing so much like mr beast interviews like your intros are just too long that that was like my only thing yeah yeah you told me that and then i took it away and i didn't check analytics but i trust you no like i'm i'm sure because it's just uh retention it just is just better like when you when when you click on like like i said like imagine like all your short form videos imagine if they had your intro yeah people would click off like immediately yeah no i agree and i think moving forward let's do that and see what happens yeah i feel like it's a great like outro like you can have that as the end screen that'd be perfect yeah yeah yeah put the subscription button there and stuff yeah okay armoire oh man because like a lot like everyone has that like mr b6000 yeah you know his name and then he has that for his outro is that his outro yeah for like 20 seconds oh really yeah so it's just like was that his intro before uh no he he knows better than that now but maybe in like 2013 14 maybe that vibe he was making a lot of bad videos yeah man yeah man he's like our age but that always throws yeah that's crazy to me yeah yeah because we're in our 20s and he's also like 24 so wild did you hear about the comedian Ralph Barbosa oh yeah I like know him mutually oh do you really he's he's like sat in your seat right here he's been here yeah I like you've done a podcast with him no no i someone else interviewed him and i was engineering really yeah was this recently no like yeah a couple weeks ago dude i want to get him on the podcast i just heard his whole it's probably tough now with the whole situation with george lopez yeah holy i always tell people like bro you guys gotta stop putting george lopez on a pedestal you guys

Ralph Barbosa vs George Lopez (55:14)

gotta start putting like pedro pascal on a pedestal for like the hispanic community man yeah but the thing with like george lopez is he's such like a well-known name and has been because he was the first guy like the first hispanic to like break through in the comedy scene and like you know and then everyone just knows him from that yeah but also yeah i agree and it's like i don't understand why he was going against Ralph so hard for like, yeah, you should be, you know, like the land community is so big at like support and supporting each other and the newcomers and stuff like that. And like, it wasn't like Ralph was like a newcomer. Like he, he was doing it right. He was doing pretty well. Like his social media was huge. Right. And then to make like a comment like that, especially about like someone in your community and someone who's doing exactly what you did something that you paved the way for and george lopez makes a comment like oh i don't i don't like to help people i just i my my story should pave the way and they do what they want with it or something like that right like it's kind of messed up and they're like what have you heard about ralph for him to say he doesn't know who ralph is like three or four times yeah yeah it means you know the guy right like you don't just keep saying who who that's like that'd be that's so salty and just weird that's like me going like hey kia uh you watch mr b's videos like who who's mr b's bro i don't know mr b's right what mr b's what like yeah this is weird like yeah obviously you know who he is because he's just popping off bro yeah i know and ralph bryan was a man i want to get him on the podcast such a chill message huh yeah is he from he's not from l.a he he's in l.a right now for a bit he was like at the hollywood improv a couple days ago he's he's like touring around l.a oh really yeah yeah man it's wild like you're not really supposed to like on people or do like beef or anything. Have you had any experience with that?

Beef / Drama (57:20)

Like people trying to start stuff with you? Because that's very lucrative. Like if someone's like lower sub count and start just punching up. No, I don't think so. No? No. Unless I just don't see it. I have like a hate Keanu Bandy account. I'm like trying to start being like yeah Keanu have you seen him like no are you sure you haven't checked your request from three days ago no dude go check now you didn't get the fan fan page of Instagram follow request made by me it's F Keanu Bandy is the title and then the bio says not Armand Zahidi and then under it it says Armand Zahidi. And then under it says I'm 17 so you can't come at me. There's only like one or two likes in the photos and it's all me. It's just you liking your own stuff. It's just me taking like BTS of your no script podcast. I'm like, there's only- Dude, it's from your scene. It's only one person who could take that picture and it's me. It's like, fuck this guy. and it's me it's like fuck this guy it's a video you could see yourself on like the computer oh my god so done you might actually need to make that a video bro do that I'm gonna do that next time you're recording a palm this guy talking about boarding school man this guy oh boarding school spot i'm um how have like your your like friends from uh your hometown reacted to your uh you know explosion in content creation i actually had my friend william text me like two nights ago i haven't responded to him i mean literally you know responded to him You're bad at responding I know I know I know I know What did William William was like Shout out William I've known him since middle school Hell yeah William Holy shit dude I just looked you up on YouTube 1.7 billion views I fucking blinked and you made it I'm really happy for you, man. Keep pursuing it. Fuck yeah, dude. So it's like supportive.

Hometown Reactions (58:52)

There's people I haven't heard from in a while that'll reach out. It's these people that you were really close with back then. Yeah. And it's cool. They don't hold any kind of animosity towards you or anything like that. They'll just reach out and they'll be happy for you. Yeah, yeah. And then I think one of my closest friends is Mitchell. The one you played Fortnite with? Oh with oh yeah and you guys want a nice one man oh yeah i'm seeing him tonight it's funny we when we play fortnite we have these characters we play we don't stream we're just like you'd literally walk in and be like are you guys mentally like okay what is going on yeah yeah um so i'll play a guy called papa kia papa because greg popovich is the greatest spurs yeah man greatest of course coaches in the world yeah he's the best there's no one better so my i'll i'll be papa kia and he'll be polo guy that's just his nickname he played water polo and he's just polo guy right so here's here's basically how a conversation with me and uh Here's basically how a conversation with me and him goes. This is Popkina's voice. And this is Polo Guy's voice, okay? Yeah, yeah. Literally, those are our voices. Hello? Pop, is that really you? Where have you been? Pop, I thought you got lost in the storm. I did, but I'm back. And this is even before we hop on the game. We're still in the loading screen, literally. In the middle in the storm. I did, but I'm back. And this is even before we hop on the game. Like, we're still, like, in the loading screen, literally. In the middle of the game. Like, this is the whole time. Like, we don't pause. Like, there could be, like, guys who are, like, rushing in the game. He's north. I'm going behind him, Pop. You're, like, stuttering when you could have said it like, oh, he's north. I'm like, north. Your call-outs are so slow like it does it's pointless would it be really weird if i called him right now and made him do it for you no bro do it can you hear it on here yeah the man mitchell he's he's probably at work on tv He's probably at work on TV. Huh? Oh, yeah. We have a song, too. Don't fail me now, Mitchell. Polo guy we're we're doing a podcast right now i knew i was talking about you sonny pop where where have you been i ain't seen you since you're in the storm listen i i i'm out now and and and i don't think I'll make it much longer. Well, I need you to hold on just a bit longer because I can't get there just yet. Okay, that's all. We just wanted to hear your voice. I wanted them to believe because I was literally reenacting one of our situations. First thing I said was how you mentioned how i get lost in the store bro you're crazy man you guys gotta stream this all right thanks mitchell i'll see you later peace and we don't stream it you got you have to bro you could be the next kai sanat dude that would be crazy kai's crazy i was telling br Brittany, I want to stream, but I'm afraid I'll play too much if I stream. Just do it low risk.

Streaming | TikTok (01:02:27)

Stream on the NoScript Clips YouTube account. Just mess around. You know, I streamed with my friend Dalton the other day. Oh, shit. He streams. I just played, right? Okay. Dude, he had 500 people at a time watching. Whoa, that's a lot, bro. In an hour, 12,000 people watched. 12,000? 12,000. Who the fuck's your friend? Ludwig? Dude, he an hour, 12,000 people watch. 12,000? 12,000. Who the fuck's your friend, Ludwig? Dude, he has 2,000 TikTok followers or something. He literally messaged me. He's like, did you bought my stream? I was like, no, dude. Dude, that's crazy. Right? That's like career worthy. 12,000 live stream viewers? 12,000 live stream in an hour. Dude, that's like really big, bro. Yeah. Yeah. On TikTok live. Like Ludwig on YouTube gets like 40,000. stream in an hour dude that's that's like really big bro yeah yeah on tick tock live like ludwig on youtube gets like like 40 000 so like 12 is a lot this was tick tock i don't know if tick tock's like trying to push this like crazy yeah they they definitely are they like uh one of the reasons i deleted tick tock was like the weird lives bro there's like they can't believe you deleted tick tock i hate that i'm sorry like i know you love it and like everyone in your group loves it i just hate it man like it doesn't the algorithm hates me number one and then the content i get served i hate that too so it's just like why am i here you know they're not helping so like if i want to upload videos i just do it from my computer i disagree but good do your thing i know i mean yeah tick tock's giving you a lot man uh millions of followers lots of likes funny content but for me it's just not there bro like i love youtube shorts that's my thing i i don't blame you i mean it's just like i don't know like i feel like my brain would explode if i have to scroll through youtube shorts reels and tiktok i'm like bro that's like i'm just like oh like youtube has everything has live streaming and youtube's really good at picking up what you like to watch oh it knows exactly what i like to watch so like it's like a1 like it knows me really good tiktok just i'm like why am i looking at like charlie d'amelio like doing weird dances like this this adds nothing to my life bro i mean i hear you yeah i guess maybe like because i know people like oh bro you got to do like the not interested you got to like make it good i'm like bro i don't oh i don't do that stuff either at all yeah i just i just hope they know based on what i'm like staying on yeah yeah retention you got to stay on that good stuff i know but yeah maybe maybe man maybe tick tock will switch around but i doubt it like if anything bro bro, I'm a Snapchat spotlight all day, bro. Dude, I mean, if you're pulling views like that on spotlight. It pays me. I go viral on there easily. I'm like, dude, chilling on there. That's weird. I'll send you more videos. That's payment. That's payment for working my podcast. Honestly, it's way too goaded, bro. Out of everything, like out of all the the apps i popped off in like the worst one don't say that no they're they're doing a lot right now yeah because they're paying their creators because there isn't a lot more or viewers so it's just like that's what i don't understand who are these people that are watching that and facebook i don't understand well like it's like it's like different demographics like uh facebook's older older people yeah youtube's pretty broad uh reels is like people from like 20 to like 40. tick tock is for like 10 to like 30. that's like the demographic of like mainly everything so i don't even know what snapchat is bro it's just the people at snapchat headquarters literally like i got a notification i was like i was on the front page of spotlight i was like the top five videos i'm like is that the video where you were dressed like my car yeah i was like dude if this was on youtube i'd be mr beast tomorrow bro why don't you make more stuff like that? Bro, that's the thing.

Family Support (01:06:24)

It's like those ideas are hard to come up with for me. And it's just like I'm not really in it. Like when I'm with you, I'm like always in like a creative environment, you know? Like when I'm at home, I'm with my family. I'm like, dude, if I start filming, this is going to be so awkward, you know? Is it weird like that? Like if you just start pulling out a camera? Yeah, I mean, because they don't really get this. They this they're like dude what is this guy doing do they watch your podcast no like they see my clips bro they're not gonna watch an hour of me talking bro hell no we do enough of this shit at home i see every time i check your comments. I see your mom every time. Oh, man. She's my biggest She doesn't like every account. She doesn't like three. Oh my god. Yeah. No she has her She has her main page. She has like her aesthetic page, whatever it is, and she'll always comment That's how like sometimes she'll put like two hearts or sometimes she'll put oh like only laughing faces Yeah, so she puts hearts. I'm like, damn, this video wasn't funny. If I can get my own mom to laugh at my fucking video, then it's not good. No, but she's like on it, bro. She has my notifications on for everything. I'm talking Snapchat, bro. Damn. She asked me the other day, she's like, how do I see your Snapchats? I don't know. I don't know if they're coming up anymore. And I was like, damn. Dude, my Facebook videos that I'm not even posting. My brother posts my Facebook videos. And I go see and she's commenting on everything twice. But that's so cute, man. She's so supportive. Your family was always like that? Or like, I mean, you mentioned the tough Middle Eastern conversation. Yeah, no, I mean, the conversation's tough, but they've always been really supportive. Off i mean so cool i mean they were helping with my videos on tick tock before i was even doing anything on tick tock yeah i mean i think it's just like uh i mean you just have things going for you in this so it's just like you know uh you can come in bro uh yeah this guy is recording next time. Oh, walking in the rain with them. Jay bro. But yeah, I mean, it's just like, if I had a million subscribers and I had told my mom like, oh, I'm done. They'd be like, oh yeah, of course you have a million subscribers, you know? That wouldn't mean you're done. Like I'm done like pursuing other stuff. I want to put my focus into this. Oh, would it take the million? Yeah. It take, it take million or just, what if you're, what if you have a million with no money i mean it's like it i you can figure it out though if you have a million fans you tell them to buy like a like you know merch right like a not bracelet wristband or whatever like if you did that put it out to your million subscribers like a thousand would probably buy it i'd really have to promote it i think yeah i feel like if it's just a one-off thing, they'd be like, it's a brand deal. He had, I don't know if it's like, yeah, but if they, if they're like, oh, this is keyest thing and he's really pushing this, he's like wearing it in all his videos and stuff like that. I feel like it'll be a different story. I agree. I think once you have that kind of like audience and stuff like that, it's easier to make a monetary number as opposed to if you don't, right. But like, I think if my parents, if I told them, even if I had a had a million i was making zero dollars i don't think they would be cool with it no like i uh yeah i mean like um like my mom's the exact same way she has my notifications on for youtube so like every time we post a short and stuff she's always like oh you made a video with your friend i'm like yeah yeah i did like like i don't know like i feel like uh what's the word listening to your mom's kind of cap. Because she's just like, everything you put out is just golden, you know? That is true. No. But, like, it's also crazy that my mom will be like, why did you repost that video? Oh, interesting. You reposted that video, huh? Yeah, yeah. I was like, damn. Like, I didn't even know that because I'm not posting that shit, you know? Yeah, damn. Sometimes my brother will put something up. I'm like, no, you might have just seen it somewhere else before. Bro, she's like your content manager. She's on it. Bro, that's lit, dude. She's on it. Brittany's on it, too. Brittany and her were actually competing it was hilarious like at one point they were like trying to be the first comment on the videos before each other right so like i'd post a video and then brittany would go like oh hell yeah like two minutes after i post it and then my mom's already on it she's like damn right bro every like every podcast i'm like oh kia got three comments i'm like oh it's like your mom brittany and me we make up the entire comment section i wonder what my youtube comments look like i don't look at those i i check the ones that i'm on on your shorts and then like people are always like making flakes someone was like look at that twink like in the tesla like about you yeah at the tesla alpha i'm like bro what and it had like 500 likes i'm like fuck dude people agree with that shit yeah but it's just like yeah i look at the ones i'm in yeah selfish son of a man if i look at the other ones with like jay connor they're always like oh that's so handsome and stuff i'm just like bro god damn it that's the funny thing i was do you have time quick story yeah of course with jake so i was uh i got message to be on this reality show it was like three two years ago right yeah yeah and jake tells me that he was originally supposed to be the guy on the reality show it's kind of like what the bachelor whatever that is where there's like one hot guy yeah yeah and then there's like these girls that have to like uh decide like he decides which one he gets or something right yeah he messages me he's

Reality Show And Content Creation

Kias Reality Show (01:11:09)

like hey i can't make it like they want you i'm like me dude i kid you not i show up the day of the shoot and then it's like these three like only fans like you know like the the la models and stuff like that all copy paste look the same i'm saying it i'm keeping that in bro it's all good so i show up and they're they just like people just say hi to me like they they don't know who i am and then i kid you not the only fans girl it's she's close with me now her name's corey she we're really close she comes to me she's like oh you're the guy she's like I thought you were on production I was like fuck yeah like they're like in full dresses and stuff I have my hoodie on and my pants okay I go to my friend Robbie's the night before and I don't have like any crazy like debonair suit yeah no yeah I didn't have anything like that but also they needed me to have like crazy sex stories and crazy x stories and all this crazy shit yeah which i didn't so i went to my friend robbie's the night before and like we're all there like i'm literally making up stories with them so i like i go over there i'm like dude i i had sex on a trampoline because there's extra bounce shit like that so that's the key answer bro and it's funny because like i show up and i had put the suit on and the the host of the show is law by mike uh the lawyer yeah and they're like dude we can't have you put your suit on because it's the same color as his and you look like his younger brother oh man so they literally they're on all these dresses they have me put on my pink hoodie and my pants my shorts so i'm literally sitting at this reality show and they're like okay we're gonna take a more comedic approach because you're not really the the like the type type we're looking for right so we're gonna actually have these girls mentor you instead of you pick one of them i'm like dude it was the most embarrassing shit thank god it didn't get posted oh man i was gonna say dude send me the link oh i have it i want to i could find i have but i'm not sending that shit i'm gonna i was gonna say dude send me the link oh i have it i want to i could find i have but i'm not sending that i'm gonna i was gonna say i'm gonna binge that entire episode it's embarrassing they had me they're like can you reenact your favorite sex position i'm gonna i can't not i'm like all right what props do i have around here i grabbed the two pillows on the couch i'm like all right these are titties when you go to the restroom you know how your computer is connected to your iphone what are you gonna try i'm gonna find this i'm gonna go to your lobby mike text and i because i'm sure you guys know he didn't send it fuck damn i'm gonna search up i don't know cory the only cory only fans i'm gonna try to find out the link man this is like a like a Vimeo unlisted link something like that no I don't think it's on you dude I hope that shit doesn't get she actually brought it up not too long ago I think right I don't know what happened I'm like I don't want to know what happened to it bro on your Kia documentary you got it you got a show footage I'm sorry maybe something crazy happens in the future and like I have a crazy like Netflix documentary or something yeah we'll put clips yeah you're gonna have fucking pillow see it sounds like gold bro that's gonna get a hundred million views met have you have you crossed that number yet on YouTube like have you done triple digits or triple you know no I think it's 80 millions the highest 80 million damn that's so wild though bro but that video collectively on the repost and stuff is over like 150, 200 million.

Crazy Numbers | Content Skills (01:14:32)

Fuck. Yeah. But that goes to show it's like when the content is good, it pops off everywhere and multiple times. That's true. And that's why I said like there's certain videos I just know wherever I post it, I could break a million. Yeah, yeah. You told me like you just have like, oh, like in the vault, like this one's going to hit. Yeah. Yeah. Like, dude, those ice videos. I gonna hit yeah yeah like dude those ice videos i'm telling you bro those ice videos oh that is your most popular video right the the nurse ice yeah that's the one i mean it's so exaggerated that like but it's so relatable right like you literally go into a school nurse's office and they literally they can't give you like medicine because technically they have to like approve and everything like that they're even hesitant to give you like tylenol and stuff they can't give you like medicine because technically they have to like approve and everything like that. They're even hesitant to give you like Tylenol and stuff. But they'll give you ice. They'll be like, let's see if the ice is going to help before anything else, right? Yeah, yeah. So I'm like, okay, let me exaggerate this. So like I literally become the Jesus Christ of ice after the school nurse offers ice. And I'll literally like throw it at blind people. They'll be like, oh shit, I could see. It's like so exaggerated, but it's like relatable to all these kids that are watching. Yeah so dude you're crazy with it bro and like did you did you learn editing yourself like because you edit all those videos right yeah i mean i this is what i tell people too i'm like if you're looking to hire somebody to fill a role that you need uh something for you should always know like the ins and outs a hundred percent yourself yeah a hundred percent right so like even with you like i didn't know too much about producing stuff but like you saw how i was there like i had all the stuff right yeah i literally had everything and i was there asking you like where you're plugging things in i just wanted to make sure like i knew everything yeah i like leave this and lucky you're better at cameras than me like i suck with cameras and that's the thing too like i'm so like focused on everything i do not that you suck but like i've like taken like so much pride in like everything i do whether it's editing or whatnot like what chris does with the shorts edits with what the other chris does with long form edits what everyone's doing i could like i i've done that stuff before but now you're just outsourcing it i'm outside like if i hadn't done that before it would i i wouldn't feel right giving it to someone else to do yeah because then now I'm so dependent on you. And I know that if I don't have you, then I can't do it. But I'm at the point right. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, no, that's like, I agree with you completely. Cause with like a podcast production, like myself, like I do everything top to bottom, like except the camera switching and thumbnail. Yeah, so now you could bring people on and be like, hey, can you just, and show them, right? And like, you don't need, you don't feel dependent on other people. I think that's the worst thing. If you feel dependent on someone else when it comes to your work, then you're going to fail. I think like, I could literally do everything. I've done everything by myself. I film my skits. I've edited my skits. Everything I do, I taught editing myself. I wish, I obviously always want to learn, right? Like, I'm pretty good at like, what I do with on Final Cut and stuff. But now the next step is getting on Premiere because that's where I want to be. Okay um i think the landscape on that's changing though what everyone's switching to da vinci that's what i heard too yeah that's resolved right yeah you missed you missed the premiere train it was it was the it was the best for a while it's not anymore the whole reason i want to is less because of the features because i i've pretty much figured out like all the features on final cut yeah ins and outs and shortcuts and whatnot. I think the thing is like, I could share that with my editors and like, we could both see the projects together, whereas I can't do that on Final Cut. I mean, there's a lot of products now that help you do that. Like, have you heard of We gotta get Chris on that. Like it's really good. Like you can like add notes and edit with the editor at the same time. Oh really? And it's a editing software it's just uh it just like it it's just like uh like you know how in google docs you can work on a doc with like another person it adds a feature where you can edit with the other person oh interesting yeah so that's that that's what i want to do yeah i work with so many editors now that like sending it to me and then I gotta give them comments and they send it back more comments. Yeah. But thankfully I'm, I'm around like these editors I'm working with now literally have like studied my videos and they know like all the little stuff I want. Cause, uh, uh, Chris, uh, podcast, Chris is like a one at like vertical podcast clubs. He like knows exactly like how to caption and add B roll perfectly. Yeah. And the thing is with like Chris, like he'll send me a clip and I'll be like, Hey, can we change this? And then the next clip he'll do already has all the like stuff I corrected him on last time. So he's like learning as we go, which is great. Like he's been super good at it. And like, I was always worried on outsourcing like skits and stuff to some, some other editor because I'm like, I don't know if someone's going to see the vision I see with this. Yeah, like style. Yeah. Cause you have a certain style. So far so good. Yeah, man. And like, uh, that's honestly like, I, like, I admire that about you. Like we, we finally filmed the long form the other day and like, bro, I was looking at you, you're like a really good director, bro. Thank you. You know what I mean? Like just gathering your team and just like with shots you know what's gonna work and you know what's not that was so impressive like that's a real skill to have bro and that's why like I want to be that Adam Sandler right like I want to be the the person who brings everything together and eventually could bring all my friends together and create something huge and i think it goes back to just knowing everything like i don't want to be there and be like okay i i wrote this script now let's i'll leave it up to you to bring it to life right like i want to be the one that's like because i have the vision literally all these videos that i'm making i see i see the videos in my head before they're out so i know exactly what shots and everything i want and like for example my next video it's like i need like a desert war scene. Right. So like I talked to the videographer, we're going to go a few days before the shoot. Uh, Claremont backyard. No, dude, this video, dude, I'm telling you this video, like I'm, I got to buy like an RPG and shit. What the, like a legit, like the airsoft RPG. I was going to say, I know a guy. Oh, trust me. say i know a guy oh trust me we both know a guy oh man chris clip that up go like this he's not even this is the thumbnail oh this is your editing let's see how good your editing is can you put an rpg right here? Fuck, I'm gonna have to find RPG transparent PNG and put it in your- Make it even harder. Boom. Well, that's not happening. I don't know VFX. That's what I wanna learn too. I don't know VFX either. I'm gonna put a bunch of JPEGs just like frame by frame moving. It has like, it's not even a PNG. It has the white background of the RPG bullet like piece. Bro, I hate that shit about, when you search up transparent PNG- And they're white? Yeah, they're still the checkered. I'm bro why are you posting this man give me the transparent i know yeah that sucks yeah pisses me off bro man keanu bandy bro you're a legend man like honestly like a million subscribers i don't know how much you have on tick tock because i don't have that i know you're famous on facebook and snapchat so cameras on you bro give advice to the people of like you know any words of advice that you have okay i think the thing i tell people is if you're looking to get into something like this a lot of people are so worried about like the dollar sign and getting into it for the money and i think that's where you're just going to fail because you're going to go into it with that in mind and i think a lot of people fail because you're gonna go into it with that in mind. And I think a lot of people fail because they're so focused on like getting a brand deal, getting a brand deal, getting money, how can I make money?


Outro (01:21:11)

Oh, this platform is making money. That they're just like not even like focused on what they wanna make. But I think at the end of the day, if you're really focused on like what you're passionate about and you're putting that into video form, whatever it is you wanna do, eventually it's gonna pay. But like you can't look at it as like money right first yeah um and i think even when it comes to your content you could tell who's in it for money and you could tell who's in it for passion if i go to somebody's page and i see a million different types of videos i know they're just literally seeing what videos are doing well and they're trying to like literally copy that but what i tell people is if people want to see Mr. Beast, they're going to go watch Mr. Beast type. Like if they want to see Mr. Beast type content, they're going to go watch Mr. Beast, right? You can never be the best copycat of somebody in the world. Like you could be a really good copycat, but at the end of the day, you're never going to surpass the person you're copying. And I think if you're so focused on like what you want to do and it's like what you're truly passionate about, you're going to create your own like world and you're literally going to be the best you you're going to be the best arm on i'll be the best kia right and there's going to be people eventually trying to copy us and money's going to all come with that like you'll forget eventually that you're even chasing the money like yeah you'll make it by if you're going to make it by i don't care like if you're working 8 a.m to 10 p.m every single day and you could you have two hours from 10 to 12 at night to make it make a video come to life it eventually that's going to pay off in the end and eventually it's going to become such a big pattern in your head that you're not even going to like realize like oh shit i just made i just made a hundred thousand dollars last year right yeah yeah it's just going to be it's going to be crazy i'm just my biggest piece of advice is just stop thinking about the money like if you need to take it take a step back and live somewhere smaller just do that like it's going to be so much bigger yeah man dude thank you so much for coming on on my podcast obviously i i produce kia's podcast the link's gonna be in the description no script great show that he's running and kia makes some great shorts and long form videos if you guys want to check that out as well it's going to be in the description and yeah man that was kianel bandy subscribe to armand zd thank you for bringing me on what's this podcast courtesy flush courtesy flush thank you so much hell yeah man of course peace

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