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Introduction To Guided Meditation

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People can often think about meditation as something like a grim duty, all right? I've got to go to therapy, and I've got to work out, and I've got to diet, and I should meditate, as if it's some self-help thing. And especially since you asked when your nervous system, as all of ours, is in disarray right now, somewhat individual and wary, meditation is not supposed to be a grim duty, but rather more an act of adventure and understanding of opening the mind and heart and bringing a sense of well-being. Mahatma Gandhi said, what uses freedom if it doesn't also include the freedom to make mistakes? And my teacher Ajahn Chah, we would ask him different questions about things. And a lot of the times, he would say, it's uncertain, isn't it? Tell me about enlightenment. If you smile, he'd say it's uncertain, isn't it? Well, tell me what happens when you die. It's uncertain, isn't it? I mean, he had teachings, but he loved the wisdom of uncertainty of art. He said, why don't you be just as you talked about him when you're washing the dishes? Let's take that on, describe, to feel the soapy water in your hands and enjoy washing the dishes or being with another person. I remember reading about these Russian astronauts who got in trouble and were not sure they would even make it back from their orbit above the earth where they'd been for a while, but finally they did and their capsule came down and opened. And they said they touched the earth with their feet. And it was the most glorious moment just to be in the dusty plain of Kazakhstan. And touch the ground and the plants that people might have called weeds. To see the eyes of people who were walking around eating them were to be able to go home and sit at a table with people felt absolutely miraculous. And so there's something about meditation when we quiet the mind and yes, we can bring compassion and tend to all the difficulties that we carry, but it's an invitation to get bigger. To feel the sense of mystery, as the poet says, I'm moving at tremendous speed toward a star in the Milky Way. My heart's a little fast, otherwise everything is fine. And for you and those who listen, to remember that spirit of adventure, enjoy that was there as a child, the child of the spirit. So if you would, Tim, close your eyes for a moment.

Guided Meditation: (02:52)

Let's just meditate together and other people can join us. And take a couple of long breaths. Let yourself settle. And notice that there are different channels. Consciousness has these different dimensions and you can tune into the channel of despair or the one of outrage, but you can also tune into the channel of the Dalai Lama and Tutu and so forth of adventure and caring and joy. As you sit quietly, let yourself remember one of the best moments of your childhood. Even vaguely, what are the best days of joy laughing, playing, enjoying, tickling the child of the spirit and keeping your eyes closed, feel it, and let me know if you can remember something like that. - I can. - And what's it feel like in your body, you stay with it. It feels light, unencumbered, feels expansive. And exploratory. - Beautiful, beautiful. So stay with us the quality of light and unencumbered, expansive, exploratory, joyful. And let it fill your body and let it fill yourselves and DNA to remind you that this child of the spirit, this inviolable joy that was born into you is still really available. It can't be taken from you no matter what. So just let it open and feel it filling your whole being in an easy, joyful way. And now let yourself imagine that some being who carries the spirit of joy and wisdom amidst everything in human life, some amazing being, comes to join you, know as a guide, as a friend, as an inspiration, and let yourself be surprised who wants to come, this carrier of joy and wisdom amidst it all. And see who wants to arrive or appear. And allowing this, keeping your eyes closed. Notice, let me know who, if anyone comes. - Well, it's actually a friend of mine, is younger than I am, who I think does a pretty good job with levity. - Good, good, good, good. - And adventure while also being really effective in the world. - So both adventurous and joyful, adventurous and effective. And so this friend, male, female. - Male in this case. - This guy, this fellow comes and he's there with you and you see his smile and maybe he puts his arm around your shoulder, he's like your brother, we're in this together. Come on, let's have a good time. Let's make an adventure where we make a difference and we do it with real joy and let yourself feel that connection so that you're together in this. We need that from one another. And then as you feel this, he reaches into his pocket and he has a gift for you that's a clear symbol of what you need to step out of that small sense of self that you've talked about that's vigilant, hyper-vigilant and learn to try to protect yourself. But he knows you're much bigger than that and he has the perfect symbol, the gift that will help you to be who you really are. This joyful, vast, adventurous spirit. Let's see what he gives to you. He places it in your hands, if it's not clear, you can lift it up to the light so you can see it. Just what you need. What do you get from him? - Would you like my answer? - Yeah. - So I don't know why, there maybe there's no why, but it looks like a very small, maybe inch and a quarter inch and a half diameter, almost like an appendent, but it's a silver circle with some type of circular, bluish, green stone in the center, which is round. - All right, so hold it in your hand and then you can ask him, what does this symbolize until he'll tell you? You can know. Your intuition, your understanding will come. What does he tell you, it symbolizes? - Unending connection, the circularity of it. - Yes. - The illusion of separateness. - So hold it in your hand and he's reminding you that part of the joy and the adventure you can have is that you're connected with it all, you're always connected. That circularity and there's a joy in that spirit. You can't fall out of that circle 'cause it is you, you are alive. And then you whisper in your ear a few words of support for living with joy. Or does he say? - The first thing he came to mind was take it easy. - Look at this, look at that, I've heard this song myself. You know, and you're laughing as you say it and feel that laughter fill your body. - 'Cause he's really reminding you who you are that you can do this, that this is actually not just a channel, but this is underneath all the rest that we try to do, we are, we try to be grownups, responsible, protect ourselves, take care of everything. Take it easy, you can do what you do as he does, adventure and success with this joyful spirit. - And pause and just feel it. How is this? - It feels good. - Yes. - 'Cause lighter, is a certain unwinding. - Yes. - Sensation to it. - Beautiful, so you're kind of demonstrating in your own experience now for other people who are listening, watching, you're really demonstrating what meditation can do. It can open you from what's called the body of fear, the small sense of self, to an expansiveness and to a sense of connection and well-being. And as you found a kind of adventure and joy. Now the beautiful thing is that even if you're traveling and you happen to go to Costa Rica or Indonesia or wherever you go, that he's not far away, who can close your eyes and he'll join you in spirit wherever you are because as in that circle he's part of who you are. And it's always available in five minutes. And this is one of the gifts of meditation and it's not like Pollyanna 'cause there's a lot of difficult things we have to carry and Mara keeps coming back with progression and doubt and so forth. And you could say, "Yes, I see you Mara. "I know you're here and there's the Buddha seating." See the there saying, "Yes, Mara, I see you. "Oh, you're Mara, but that's not who I am." - Thank you, Jack. - Oh, it's a pleasure, a pleasure to sense you in this way 'cause I know it's true for you.

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