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Intro (00:00)

If I'm able to make my skin temperature not going down well, being exposed to ice cold water, skin temperature, that's power. That power is the same power we can learn to embrace and awaken in which we are able to tackle any stressor in the world. Any stressor emotionally and physically and mentally whatever you come up, we are built to be able to oppose that, to get through and to learn and not to be afraid because we have the power of the mind. Hey everybody, welcome to Impact Theory. Our goal with this show and company is to introduce you to the people and ideas that will help you actually execute on your dreams. Alright, today's guest is a real life superhero. The first time I heard about him, I really could not believe that he was real. He holds 26 official Guinness World Records for feats that were long believed to be fatal or just outright impossible. He's run a half marathon above the Arctic Circle barefoot. He's remained completely submerged in ice for nearly two hours and he climbed Mount Everest wearing only shorts. He's also hung more than a mile off the ground by a single finger, run an entire marathon in the meeb desert without drinking a single drop of water and swam underneath the ice of a frozen ocean for almost the entire length of a football field on a single breath. His radical demonstrations of what the human animal is truly capable of have garnered him devotees and skeptics in equal measure but he has systematically silenced the naysayers by subjecting himself to the rigors of science. He has allowed himself to be poked, prodded and probed during his insane feats and in one experiment even allowed himself to be injected with an endotoxin to prove through conscious action he could mobilize his immune system to neutralize the threat, which is exactly what he did. And when people try to dismiss him as a genetic freak who is simply beyond the rest of us he taught 12 more people to do exactly what he did and they all got the exact same results. So please help me in welcoming the man who can raise his core body temperature while submerged in an ice bath. The ice man himself, Wim Hof. Welcome to the show man. Great. Into. Thank you. Wow. Warm hearted. Not cold. Not cold at all.

Key Concepts And Practices In Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy (02:48)

But now we're going to get into some of the cold ass crazy shit that you do and I want to talk about adaptation. What is it about what you do that triggers the adaptation response and what adaptation response does it trigger? The power to adapt to the stressor in general. We lost this connection is because we wear clothes all the time and we live in a comfort zone behavior. We think we can control nature but by being non-stimulated in our behavior we lost the connection in the depth of our physiology. Of course we are able to adapt about to anything. We are built to be able to adapt without stress into any stressful situation. I get a solution. The body knows but because we got into this comfort zone behavior hundreds of years our genetics have changed our physiology has changed everything has changed and we lost actually the full power of the mind and I'm here to bring it back. Impact. You better listen to this conversation. Yes. I like that. All right. So how do we bring it back? I did many studies already because I don't like speculation. I go through study the scrutiny and let any scientist prove me wrong because I like to go through the truth because I think there is more than meets the eye. I did many studies and yes I could resist the bacteria as thought of not being able by humans.

Identifying Stress (04:21)

We changed medical history by showing a group of people compared to 16,134 people becoming sick after injection of endotoxemia and then suddenly 1200% score within a quarter of our complete control over the innate immune system and the specific by the way the adaptive immune system and how did I learn to do that and to pass it on because it's already there in us. It only needs to awaken. Define the adaptive immune system. The adaptive immune system is willfully regulated and controlling your T cells and B cells and they are located in the bone marrow. We are able to willfully influence the bone marrow and to release the T and B cells which are very specific in the targeting on the bacteria and the virus and apoptosis cell death. They created instead of fever and uncontrolled shivering and headaches and being sick, flu, fever and all that is the second layer we got into the third layer into the depth of the immune system into the deepest. So willfully being able to get into the bone marrow and release the T and B cells in case of inflammation is what we and inflammation I tell you is the course of any disease. All right that that's a lot to dive into. So first of all let's set aside inflammation for a second. I've heard you talk a lot about that and we're definitely going to get into it because I struggle with inflammation. Did you just say that you can willfully control apoptosis? Yes. Anybody can. Okay. For that we have the breathing exercises and it has been shown in the comparative study. All the guys who did the breathing exercises, the endotoxone normally creates inflammation and thus uncontrolled shivering all over agony, headaches and fever and the people really get sick after being injected with the bacteria, E. coli and that's normal but it was not normal to be able to inoculate that reaction. How did we do that? By breathing exercises that are like controlled hypoxia where through the brainstem the fight and flight suddenly activates the adrenaline and resets the body and resetting the body is going past our comfort zone conditioning going back in our primordial state the way nature meant it to be and that is being able effectively to battle this ease. Very simple, very effective, very accessible for any human in the world and then we go a step further.

Tapping into the Brain Alkalinity Loop (07:27)

A step further is the last study wherein I was exposed to cold water and just by a thought I was able to make the skin temperature not going down well I was exposed to cold water on my skin, ice water. Your skin temperature didn't go down? Yes and normally it goes down that is what everybody thinks isn't it and yes 74 people before me they did it and they saw all the same graphics it goes down after exposure to cold water and when warm water comes up then it goes up again and goes down cold warm, cold warm, cold warm and then I did it same I didn't do anything why because I'm in command of my breath and with that I become in command of my alchemy and I'm able then to scent and to manipulate any part of my body they looked inside the brain and whereas normally a stress comes to work on the body and that could be cold could be heat but could also be emotion depression bipolar anxiety fear PTSD trauma it's all stress in the brain and it gets inflamed and we don't know how to break the loop now they looked inside of my brain while this stressor was gone on and I stayed out of the stressor when the cold came in I just stayed over there and I warmed cold water I stayed in control and then they looked inside the brain and whereas normally the activity of the stress is highlighting the prefrontal cortex the conscious brain because it's cold oh I feel bad because I'm divorced now and this and that and my business is gone and whatever you know stress real stress and then the insula which is normally active very activated when you go into deep meditation then the insula gets a is becoming more rat and then this is blue because deactivates the normal daily consciousness and the insula the deep meditation is a blood flow goes in the deeper parts of the brain suddenly becomes all active and its pleasantness nice euphoric and the stress coming to my body did not make my prefrontal cortex active and then they saw something very remarkable which is a robust activation of the phg which is part of the brain stem that is the deepest part of the brain the fight and flight the survival but also the area of the hormonal peri-aquaductal grey hemisphere which is responsible for the activation of opioids and we got an epidemic on opioids isn't it but we don't know how to tap in and to make these opioids work for us against it's like pain killing and algeesia natural ones very strong inside of us we lost the connection but now it is here and the other one is the aphoric hormones the cannabinoids and the cannabinoid system both are there and they saw me activating for the first time in medical science robustly into that area that's why it did not only solve the stressor from not being cold it was warm and the professors they had a difficult time putting more ice in the water because I was warming up the water and I was doing nothing that is the power of our mind and what I can do anybody is able to do so when people are depressed or bipolar or anxiety or fear or trauma or PTSD it is stressed and they cannot break the loop I tell you we found the key to break the loop that's where I am right now with the science and now this needs to be implemented for those in need and there are many many in need so that is so extraordinary the fact I'm so glad that you were doing a brain scan while you're doing that because I imagine when I think about what you must be doing I think about something being tense something being hardened and so when

DNA and Cell Longevity (12:10)

I've practiced your breathing it's a very active intense like drive but hearing you talk about it as meditative of tapping into the insular of you know activating deeper regions of your brain and not the prefrontal cortex that paints like this whole other like emotional connection to have with what you're doing which changes entirely how I approach what you're talking about which is really interesting another thing is they say we are doing right now and we got it endorsed through the John W. Brick Mental Health Care Foundation 1.2 million to endorse the study on the DNA in San Francisco with the top researchers over there if you're changing DNA or if you have a mutation that allows you DNA changes itself it prolongs in cell activity cell division which is a telomere the condition of the telomeres is about longevity and the quality of life if it is not attacked by inflamed transcription factors then the genome expression is going to be just nice and right and besides of that the protective proteins around the cell are then through the the haoromatic exercises or the breathing you just mentioned together with the cold showers it is haoromatic uh... - Well let's define haoromatic for that - that haoromatic is like positive stress conscious stress. Eunorology is inside that and it connects with your body the way nature meant it to be and in the primordial state of our cells the cells should be protected by proteins but because of our comfort zone behavior they are inactive thus the flamatory impaltors through the transcription factors just little assholes and we'll go into the cell and they begin to mess up the telomeres the longevity the cell division the condition there of and we live shorter and better so less and we are becoming vulnerable for the wrong genome expressions and that causes diseases. - This is really interesting if this is really shaking down to hermeces which said another way is a little bit of bad does you a lot of good - Yeah - and so you actually need something that stresses the system in a way that most people would think of as bad - Yes - it actually ends up being good and this is where I'm jarred in the best way possible with what you were saying about it being this meditative experience for you because I think of going in ice is brutally painful of requiring all of my discipline and desire to battle through and I wouldn't have thought of it as being something that I have to relax into of you know really sort of releasing letting go relaxing almost removing myself from the certainly removing myself from the suffering of the pain but I'm curious are you when you're doing this and you've talked about dipping under the ice and going into this meditative state and you've described it with these sound effects which I always found really interesting but when you're going into that do you feel the pain and divorce yourself from the suffering or do you literally not feel any discomfort you

Are You Feeling the Pain? (15:25)

feel anything but you learn to let go you follow the breath and thus the hormonal system the endocrine system which we have shown in scientific research is really active within your command and with that comes the adrenaline the epinephrine the opiates and cannabinoids all right now they are very strong of a really really strong painkillers is what yes right yes so that's interesting so you're saying that you're actually killing the pain by tapping into that system because you've kicked off all this neuro pharmacology basis yes okay that's super interesting what I want to know is when you're going into the meditative state you know you've just been injected with the endotoxins yes what are you visualizing like what are you actually thinking when you're trying to get to adrenaline or bone marrow or I tell you if you go into the eyes you're really not thinking about your mortgage or your wife or this or that you're not going to picnic you feel the focus will be on your feeling and how to get this feeling into adaptation and to overcome whatever is coming and it goes directly and I tell you the the cold has been my teacher I just followed the teacher the feeling learned to let go intuitively I felt I want to do this I did yoga I did kung fu I did all kinds of things and and great but the cold is really merciless but righteous and I was ready to go in I felt intuitively I want to go in because it has got something I don't know what it is and yes I went in and I felt it the connection was there beyond any word and that's what I was looking for the stepping into deeper parts of the brain feeling pure energy feeling power

The Power of the Cold (17:29)

innate capacitated power we have to deal with that I was looking for that and since then I went on and on and on and on I did all these records and many more challenges I did crazy stuff really sitting all the night in your shorts outside in freezing temperatures and feel great that is something that is power and I've been venturing and discovering more and more and finally I began to realize but it's all in the mind oh yes so learning to let go in the right way following your breath the breath is able to prime the body and then your mind the neurology of the mind if I'm able to make my skin temperature not going down well being exposed to ice cold water skin temperature that's power and that power is the same power we can learn to embrace and awaken in which we are able to tackle any stressor in the world any stressor emotionally and physically and mentally whatever you come up we are built to be able to oppose that to get through and to learn and not to be afraid because we have the power of the mind you can't imagine to what degree I want that to become real in my life so I'm going to start pinning you down on some things so that I can walk away from this knowing please do okay so it it seems like there's two things to your method number one is the breath so what I want to know is when you're breathing in the way that you're breathing which there's a lot of great video on there that we'll link to in the show notes so when you're breathing like that why do you think that allows you to begin to reconnect to something that everyone will call the

Use Breath to Control System 1 (19:28)

autonomic system meaning that you don't have conscious control over how does that link it yes very simple these breathing techniques I've learned to do an extreme cold so they are extremely effective very soon I was able to stay and prolong my time in ice water feeling great but is the breath just about oxygenating the tissues oxygenating not only to go past in this case to go past the lymphatic knots which normally inhibits the oxygen to go deeper now we found a way to go past these knots into the lymphatic system and with that you come into the depth of your body and making you able to alkalize your blood within a couple of minutes and with that when the blood is the right pH degree then suddenly the neurology of the mind which is like electricity is able to run through on a subtle basis how familiar are you with hyperbaric oxygen not too much I never did that but so I know it heals infections and skin problems and things what we do is the same thing but then naturally we do controlled hypoxia like controlled high stage strain we just did a study in the Andes mountains in the South America on 4500 meters is about 14 000 feet and they compared diamox which is used for acute mountain sickness very strong medicine to the breathing and the breathing one so the breathing is more effective on those heights and in those extremes than a medicine and this is unknown and we got eight more studies coming out amen we got the power to be the alchemist within our body that's the way nature meant it to be another thing is they say 20% of our brain is working fuck that man it is 100% and we got a DNA capacity to enter into any part of our brain and now we have shown to get

The Cardiovascular Failure of Our Mediocore Lifestyle (22:07)

into the deepest and with that we become the commanders of our own mind and body so actually we are mammals we are about you know we are built after millions of years as mammals if your geology is inside the wiring and everything is inside and three times the world's length is vascular systems inside of us killer number one in our society is cardiovascular related it's big time and that is because we wear clothes we are never being a stimulated through cold warm and pressure it's no longer there so there is a mediocre state of our vascular conditioning and that and for that we take culture then there's some shock to the system that doesn't mean to the horror mr. we do it consciously and with that we connect even with the brain with the vascular system all over and it's amazing how simple it can be how simple we can tackle this serial killer the cardiovascular related diseases we can tackle it cold shower a day keeps the doctor away I love that so something that I didn't expect when I started impact theory is the number of people that stop me the number of people that write to me and tell me that they're contemplating suicide ah

How Wim Overcame His Negative Emotions (23:25)

so we we got so many people who don't commit suicide because they found this because nobody wants not to live but they don't know how to live right and this where we activate and resets their body to the way nature meant to be and that is to be happy strong and healthy yeah talk to me about your wife and how this is the way I started my wife jumped from a eight story down in 95 fortune and I had no money just there with four children my children made me survive and nature healed me and that was the cold because in the cold you shut up and all this turmoil the emotional confusion the broken heart it's all physical it's all real the cold is able to shut it up shut it down and survive and with that I came slowly but surely in control over my emotions and now I'm able to make people aware of that capacity even without your cold showers and all this things but that's where it came from now I was powerless then with my wife was schizophrenic and psychos that put all kinds of pills in and injections didn't work whatsoever there was powerless but now I'm in power I in the subcurrent I'm working now with those kids they work with me and we got to spread this all over the world that we found a way how to deal with emotions with the cold with the heat with the stress in the brain in the body we found it and now I'm almost so far that I'm dealing with a new comparative study with Wayne State University in Michigan on a comparative study on bipolar people within four days I will make them have a absolute sense of control wherein they are able to redirect their brain and balance within the out of balance hormonal manic depressions and all and with that my circle is around from being powerless to power and I'm a dropout from school I'm teaching professors and doctors now all over the world and they say after seeing the results of me in the brain scans and the way I activate parts of the brain thought of impossible by humans they say this is a transformational technique that will change mental health care and we see it the cold is my warm friend wow Jesus dude that's so powerful so I want to I want to walk through what you're doing in these four days with people that are in this situation and taking them from not feeling like they have control to feeling like they're in control is it is it the exact same thing that you would teach somebody that's getting the injection with the endotoxin there's literally no difference there's no no difference if people get a get to me and they want to learn how to beat inflammation both with physical course and effect as a mental then come and I'll teach you because when nature is my master nature is my teacher I just obey to the rules and I know it's tricks etc again and you're over within four days you know it all and then you learn to go into depth into the six and seven cents eight cents all controlled the way nature to mentor to be I reset people within a couple of days and then go past the conditioning and then it is up to them to get out of the trodden neurological pathways and get into the new one and then they say they asked me hey Wim what is enlightenment because I never asked it but I have to ask you because it seems you've got some answers I say okay all bibles and corams are written about that shit so I tell you in one sentence what it is just be happy strong and healthy and the rest is bullshit yes the way we are schooled is to take on that autoimmune diseases cancer depression and alike and power again in power and being insensitive is normal I think it is sick and we got to stand up and show through scientific research that no speculation that it is not so and it sounds like what you're saying is the thing that stops us all from that at a really like cellular level

Inflammation (28:19)

is inflammation yes so the the sort of general root cause because you've talked about being able to alleviate symptoms of arthritis even thrown in cancer because to you the root cause of all of that is inflammation inflammation caused in deregulation on cell level in the DNA in the genome expression so all the same thing now we have learned to tap into the lymphatic system we just finished this study within 20 minutes alkalized blood in the lymphatic system which is the deepest one considered to be inaccessible now is accessible and it's actually the storage of garbage chemistry within our body and now we know with these breathing techniques how to get a pasty knots get into the slight acidic state of the storage capacity of the lymphatic system and change it into becoming alkaline or cleansed when we're getting past the knots so we're admittedly for anybody watching we're way out of my depth so I'm going to be asking probing questions that are educated but I fully understand I'm outside my depth here but when you sleep your brain actually shrinks because the inflammation goes down it allows certain when user word toxins to be flushed out of the brain things like the amyloid plaques and things that can build up in somebody that ultimately will show signs of Alzheimer's do you think that what's happening at the lymphatic level is a similar kind of reduction in inflammation caused by the breathing absolutely pulling the the oxygen in that I mean at least there's like an internal logic that I can wrap my head around which would be immediately clear it is paired with the parasympathetic activity which is done on the autonomic nervous system level now we have shown to get into the autonomic nervous system and to create both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous

The Autonomic Nervous System (30:02)

system activity at will so if you do the breathing before you go to sleep or if you do the cold showers then you will sleep better so cold shower the day keeps the doctor away yes and it's good all right so for everybody that's about to embark on this journey and I'll include myself in that I want to go back to when you're 17 yes the ice water starts calling to you and also part of what makes this fascinating is you have an identical twin yes so one it's fascinating that you guys took very divergent pass so if I understand right you've begun to teach him your method yes but when you're there at the water and it's calling to you what what is that like it's 17 I know you'd been searching searching for like I need this this whatever this is I need it all to make sense I need to connect to a god or something to to fill me up to let me connect to something bigger than myself so yes you have that calling I don't know what but it is there and it is inside of me and it's more than meets the eye and all that and it made me at a age of 12 study psychology and going into indowism Buddhism and all kinds of esoteric disciplines and when I was 17 I just had this feeling and my twin brother who's identical is not able to do only after my training to come up with the results because it's not genetically it is trained and so this one is able to be trained by anybody to have the fact that you're an identical twin it's like you're the perfect subject I mean it's literally crazy you have an identical twin to be like the the perfect control subject yes yes absolutely it's like 100% genetically score match and he is not able to do it and I'm not and I'm able to do it so they did certain kinds of experiments and they saw this in scientific environment that I was able to do things and he could not and then later when I trained him he was able to do about the same that's that's extraordinary we all are able to battle inflammation to have a control top down in our body much more than we thought possible at least to be able to guarantee happiness strength and health which is all related to hormones and the control of the immune system and nervous system all right let's go the next step so you've got happiness strength and health and health so what is happiness happiness is all the euphoric hormones related to the endocannabinoid system we have absolute access therein at will we only need to invest and exercise into that like a child has to learn to walk so what do you want you want to be dependent on pills and this and that and drugs etc or do you want to get high on your own supply it's there why do you play guitar music is the voice of the heart of course of your feeling and it's resonance and resonance getting into the brain waves and we have tested this with the NASA equipment doing the breathing makes you able to go into this deep alpha delta gamma waves in fully controlled but music shift your brain wave just at will yes anybody can do that how far could you could you go to like if I said we're all going to make noise but I want you to get into a gamma wave state which is like fucking deep meditation could you do that in like five minutes or less or yeah less if I go a couple of minutes I'm getting there wow I'm resonating with that voice with that resonance and that affects certain parts of the brain deeper parts of the brain who are connected with the voice and the and and of resonance and which is a deeper part of the brain begins to be activated thus the blood flow begins to descend into the depth of the brain and then it becomes enlightened and activated and gets the nutrients and the biochemistry that's meditation all about now mindfulness is very much researched and it shows that through mindfulness you are able to activate deeper parts of the brain they become more alive because simply the blood flow goes to these deeper parts but what we have seen now in the brain scans not even seasoned practitioners and mindfulness are able to activate those parts you have been activating and I say it's innately capacitated to anybody but it needs the conscious technique and the passing on of that not money as he's read but it it is there but it needs to be awakened it needs to be shown if you always walk to this way to the house because that's your knowledge you don't know the shortcut which was always there god is there any way for you to put it in the words so obviously there's no substitute for the training but what what is it like they're such practice meditators but they can't do what you can do so what is that thing that you're able to pass on in four days the confidence opening up your heart and suddenly you become aware that it is simply there within four days we get into a tribal sense together there is no me and you we are together in nature battling cold there there is no thought you help each other you get this natural sense of helping each other which enables me like oxytocin I help you it's really strong that oxytocin and within those groups I do in nature within one and a half day they are out of their conditioned state of them I mind or laying in tension and they're completely open relaxed then they are able to let go and let the body do what the body is able to do in extreme situations because they are no longer confined in their narrow consciousness everything reacts directly and finds the answer and with that comes everybody and and it all suddenly makes sense that love is the greatest power

Where to Find Wim (37:10)

of the universe and that we lost the tribal sense of helping each other and that makes them able in just four days to go in temperatures like way down in freezing temperatures and then having great fun and dance the Harlem Shake and you socks off on the mountain top after hours in those conditions those that makes the death suddenly aware to one's consciousness and that is like I never felt this I never yeah but that's you and that you we are here to promote to show that everybody has it and so all the problems in the world we have a system inside in willful possible command if we only exercise and they're weak into it to handle anything that comes to us because that's the way we were built not hopeless full of hope and not 20 percent of the brain capacity within our command but hundred and there it is and with 100 we find freedom because we can go anywhere without fear because we are in control god damn I love that before I ask my last question tell these guys where they can find you I got a website it's whim half there is a free app and you can get it all for free on there and then you try out because feeling is understanding all right my last question what's the impact that you want to have on the world together with impact theory we go into the deeds and make it possible and impact theory is not only impact theory you guys are a platform and you make you bring it out and that's there are the deeds because people will take this up through common sense hey man this shit works and with that it's gonna run because when shit works it gets all the place.

Impact Theory Discussion

Impact Theory (38:51)

Do you want to see this in school systems? Oh absolutely I think they they should not only be trained in say mathematics and history and language but also in happiness, strength and health and children know they are naturally still at the core we got alienated they are still there they are born with it we should never go away because that unconditional love unconditional power to be healthy strong and healthy and happy doesn't need six cars or ten houses no it's already there and with that we don't we go away from this possessive way of thinking and insensitive trying to find a position to secure our life and all that fear-based no you have the full control over your own mind we were born with it and we never are going to teach our children again to become narrowed in their consciousness but learn from the beginning to expand to its all and that's the real school of life and where in the soul is a flower and it's amazing. I love it when thank you so much for coming on the show man right I was incredible guys I am literally speechless that was one of the most incredible hours of my life I hope that you guys were as hit by that as I was that was beyond extraordinary to think that so many problems come down to inflammation and that we really can take conscious control of that and that this is a journey that anyone can go on and I think the biggest mistake you could make possibly in your life if he's right about this is to dismiss


Conclusion (40:30)

him as being genetically more advantaged than anybody else and instead to see that you can train your way to that and the fact that he was born an identical twin this is so crazy this is like I don't believe in fate man but it's like it was set up perfectly to show us just how much is possible and that is exactly what I think he represents just how much is humanly possible and I think that we are literally only beginning to scratch the surface and if you want to be inspired with how much you can do follow this man train with this man try what he says go look at his website and see how much he offers for free get into it it will change you if you let it if you haven't already be sure to subscribe and until next time my friends be legendary take care hey everybody thank you so much for watching and being a part of this community if you haven't already be sure to subscribe you're going to get weekly videos on building a growth mindset cultivating grit and unlocking your full potential

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