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Intro (00:00)

If you're about to make a change in your life and you feel uncomfortable, that's the best feeling you can have. Because for the first time in your life you'll make a decision that's going to be best for you and now for somebody told you to do. And that's when all bets are off man because you bought the inner some uncharted waters that's going to force you to challenge yourself to be perfect and shooting for perfection is all good. You don't shoot for average, you shoot for perfection and you hit good a great, you win it. Don't ever shoot for average. I just try to get people to understand don't be average. Everybody welcome to impact theory. Our goal with this show and company is to introduce you to the people and ideas that will help you actually execute on your dreams. Today's guest is a two-time Emmy award-winning executive producer and the brand architect behind the Steve Harvey media empire. A long way from where he started as the middle child of nine kids growing up in the infamous 5th Ward district in Houston, Texas. His father only had a third grade education and his mother stopped after high school but his drive for more pushed him forward and he got a degree in mathematics and ended up as an executive at IBM. Certain he was meant for something different however after five years he left his cushy job for the no holds barred world of stand-up comedy. He set big goals and really went after it and as a comic he won the titles of Showtime's Funniest Person in Texas for three consecutive years and made it all the way to the finals of Funniest Person in America where he lost only to the future legend Ellen Gegenaris realizing that he was even more powerful behind the scenes as a creator and producer he leapt at the chance to manage the then-up-encoming Steve Harvey helping him go from opening act to the globally recognized brand that he is today. Their ten-year-old partners resulted in an unparalleled run of monster hits including the number one syndicated Steve Harvey morning show, number one syndicated Steve Harvey talk show and the number one syndicated family feud game show as well as three consecutive number one New York Times best-selling books and a pair of number one blockbuster movies. Since then he's launched 3815 a new marketing company that has landed several of the world's most prestigious clients including the Air National Guard. So please help me in welcoming the award-winning Baker and three-time NAACP Image Award winner Rashawn McDonald. Oh my god thank you thank you thank you thank you I love the end it on the baking part. You have to. Absolutely. Which I have to say was quite the curveball. One thing that you've taken advantage of in your career that's really been spectacular is the opportunity to reinvent yourself which I find so interesting and you said in reinvention you realize why people are so afraid to act there's so many unknowns. Walk us through you've done it so many times in your career like what is the process of reinvention look like.

Personal Growth And Reinvention

How to Reinvent Yourself (02:57)

I'll tell you this fear I feel that most people are standing jobs are working they even marriage or relationships because their fear change. Can I do better can I get a better opportunity will somebody hire me was somebody a date with somebody a mermaid was somebody want my kids I have that's a fear and people don't want to make change so I don't just take it from just an entrepreneurial standpoint I take that conversation to the social behavior of people when they don't want to make adjustments because they've already told themselves they can't do it and when you make adjustments when you when you stop yourself first really sad because let somebody else tell you what you cannot do but in the process of that prepare for success in other words are you willing to put time in your next move and a lot of people I have people say things like I'm not a morning person I don't really know what that means I really don't I have 24 hours in the day I try to take advantage of every hour and I have certain rules that I initially tell people on a regular basis if you want to start living a successful life start locking into a consistent time that you should get up every day don't let it deviate don't if you say get up at eight o'clock don't don't don't hit that let's do it and get up at eight thirty I get up at four thirty that's just my time I'm not a happy guy get nothing but that's a goal I said and I'm gonna just tell you this honestly if you're about to make a change in your life and you feel uncomfortable that's the best feeling you can have because for the first time in your life you make a decision that's going to be best for you and not what somebody told you to do and that's when all bets are off man because you bought the end of some some uncharted waters that's going to force you to challenge yourself to be perfect and so many ways then and shooting for perfection is all good you don't shoot for average because you're not gonna hit you're not gonna hit all of that if you shoot for perfection and you hit good a great you winning don't ever shoot for average I just I just try to get people to understand don't be average walk us through the time when you were at IBM it was so secure I'm sure your family must have been over the moon that you got your degree you're now in a huge company there's a certain amount of safety and you not only leave you leave to be a stand-up comic which is like the world's least thing ever always tell people that you have to make adjustments to achieve your goals and if you're not really happy about what you at but guess what this change is needed especially millennials some of the things that you're going to do in life is not time to a check don't guide your life by how much you're going to be paid but how much you get out of it the opportunity that's really key not how much you're getting

How Richonne Reinvented Himself (05:32)

paid but how much you're going to get out of the opportunity and the classic example is what I did at IBM I stepped out he said look we've never kept anybody past it was the fall we never kept anybody past the semester I said I said never he said sorry I was sure if you come here come December we got to let you go because I don't care how good you are so as soon as I came on board I started creating a relationship with everybody at IBM I went to my final go hey what what do you like to do it's how I do this so I started I have like 20 people that I was doing all their work all there I mean just if they didn't want it bring it to Ruchan I was doing it I wasn't getting paid extra for this I still have to do my other functions that I was hired to do as a part timer and go into college so come by November I started dropping hints that you know I won't be able to keep this up they were really why I said well you know IBM has this rule that you can only stay here for a semester well I was there two and a half years and because I made a conscious effort to bring value to me so you're at IBM you're you finally figured it out you're working your way up it's actually working and then you decide that you're going to be a stand-up comic you said you spent a year debating that decision so you leave IBM super cushy parents had to be over the moon proud that you were at IBM you're afraid of disappointing them but you do it you find your own voice you go and now you're at some point you get to New York and you're living in a huddle yeah so how did you deal with moving backwards like what were you telling yourself at that time I was able to use them you know when I look at my life here's a guy who's going from a regular paycheck to retirement security because at that time IBM had never laid off anybody in the history of that company to traveling from gig to gig for 75 dollars for a meal and that was my world but that was my dream understand this is that if you're willing to pursue your

Never Cheat Yourself (07:41)

dream then your goals change and your in your level of sacrifice change was I afraid yes there was a certain there was there was I was I certain there was certainty in what I was doing no but also in the back of my mind I'm gonna tell you I cheated a little bit I said I could always go back to IBM I cheated myself and then the final after a year when it stopped cheating yourself why was it cheating yourself because when you want to do something in your life you don't put options out there you don't put a B plan you know you you this is what you want to do you commit to it well how how I'm going to do stand up and say I want to do stand up but I'm still thinking about going back to IBM those are two different lanes of activity and fright frankly I was not satisfied in that previous lane so why I had an option now and so so that's why I was cheating myself until I went this this is what you want to do do it and started performing on cruise ships what what changed in that moment that's so powerful did you start working more like what happens in your actual tangible life when you make that decision I'm telling when I moved to New York it was two there's two there's two moves in New York I got to tell you about first time I went to New York uh can I moved in New York in 88 that was hot that's a comic I was being rishan and they didn't everybody thought I was a star the guy I remember the guy at the improv walked up and he said you the next one and he said that I said I was sorry I worked for IBM so he said you need a quit you got it and so that was rishan there okay that was rishan no whole bars ever shawmick donner doing his own thing cut to 88 I go to New York I walk on stage trying to be something I thought they wanted me to be I thought they wanted me to be the next 80 Murphy I thought they wanted me to be the clean like Bill Cosby so I walked on stage and was rejected every time I was on stage because I was not so I was telling people if you gonna go down go down being you no question and I want to go back to that moment so 88 we you have the realization that I'm not being myself so I think a lot of people can relate to but then how do you know like how do you find what your real voice is and how do you get back to it okay here's the deal about your real voice first of all it's usually tied to you you taking risk you know and I think I don't want to jump around because upstairs when we were talking I

Finding Your Voice (09:58)

was telling you in 2016 I had to find my voice again right and and that's at the highest level of my life you know when people could just Google me and say I'm a success and so know that and when you say reinvent in 2016 you're saying leave Steve Harvey and start your own thing absolutely and that was a very powerful decision that I had to make in my life to say who else who is Richard McDonald because as you become successful people will have definitions of who you are and also proclaim your level of success for what you should be accomplishing so back then I was just a guy who just trying to make a check man I would just try to be funny know that now that those are simple standards if you keep it simple you can find your voice and also know that you operate off short-term goals well you don't know where you're going in life do not look four years down the line do not look two years all year you look next week next month you keep your goals short and that way if you accomplish those goals then you can start piling up little trophies a little moments to know that you're actually accomplishing something you actually climb into steps to success where people make the mistake in their goals they put too many they put a they put a say not so insurmountable goal but a goal that doesn't allow them to qualify success quick enough and so I would tell people shorting your goals shorting your window and that's how you find your voice you cannot find your voice if you're trying to if you start becoming a Hollywood to be a star okay well you might want to work at home depot first and then grab that check get stable and start creating relationships start taking the acting class see those are goals that you can achieve but if you come in just to be a star and entertainment or you are you going to college and you trying to graduate in four years and you what you're going to do it confuses people that's why a lot of the today's millennials they see short-term success as a faster way of finding a voice versus a college degree especially when so much debt is promised to you when you get your college degree yeah one of the things that I found really powerful about the story is when you got really sick and you're lung collapsed walk me through that like what did you take away from that because it seemed to like really clarify your direction your intensity and all that so what I was going through the whole process of trying to build Ruchamp McDonald and trying to try to be a star in 1980 my right lung collapse while I was watching the LA Lakers basketball game and the thing about youth is that we all feel we are immortal you know you feel you can heal yourself so I thought I was having a heartburn for my right long head collapse and so I went to a drugstore and I got me some toms so so so I'm in line and I swear to you I had that whole pack of toms before I paid for it okay so I got back to my apartment and I and for the first time I just spit on the ground that's all blood I said oh okay this this is a little bit beyond a heartburn here so I walked upstairs and when I walked upstairs I lived on the second level I could I couldn't catch my breath and so a friend of mine he came by and said what's wrong with Sean I said now I don't know what's going on here but he said you need to take you someplace again immortal arrogance I said no I'm cool and so I went to my apartment and so I looked in the yellow pages to try to find a hospital just someplace to go I'm gonna drive myself to the hospital and I saw there's one place that this clinic was open and so I went to this this clinic and I walked to the second floor and it was closed so by then I'm really freaking out because I'm not even catching my breath anymore and I'm actually afraid that I may pass out and so when I came down the steps from the clinic I was I was just standing on the sidewalk and I went but I couldn't even other words and this guy was jogging by he had a headset on so I'm assuming he thought I was actually saying words he said huh I said hospital huh I said hospital he said right there I see the sign now you right around the corner go up there and make a left you there and so I drove to see the sign now and I um just parked or any kind of way in the emergency and I slowly walked because I couldn't I couldn't I each step was a controlled step to get to the emergency so I get to the window of course they asking for insurance and I gave my insurance call and the in the person pushed me down which is the biggest mistake they could have done for me they pushed me down in the chair and so all my weight was on my loan and so eventually they put me in um in the emergency wall and of course they pushed me on my back and the guy went and the doctor opened the they did the next one you got open this guy's gonna die I always remember those words got to go if we don't operate on this guy right now he's gonna die and so they tried to deaden me because they made the incision right here they tried to deaden me but it was because they had to do the surgery so fast I actually did the surgery and I felt everything in the surgery and so and they got my my long my long reinflated and I stayed in the hospital 30 days and I was telling people it was a turning point for me in my life because it let me truly understand how short life is and also truly enabled me to understand the value of taking advantage of what life is giving you to do and that's why I always push people I always push people I push myself and I because I know I've seen it I've seen death I've seen people children I've seen adults I've seen senior citizens I've seen people who were happy one day and weren't there the next day and that was a very powerful point for me that when they did surgery I mean I have a scar on my back because they took my lung out and they had to fix it was a cyst don't it wasn't new motharax thorax it was a cyst and they put it back in so I was in ICU for like a day the very next day I was managing a 36 inch scar on my back this comedy competition called me while I was in the hospital it's a high risk on we heard you a very funny comedian would you like to participate in this comedy competition yeah yeah I wouldn't do that you have to have eight minutes and so the only way I could stay on stage was I had to take my left arm and hold my stitches together like this so I can be able to talk for five consecutive minutes wow I went on stage killed killed and killed and almost died because I walked on stage because you in the club you smoke the worst place you want to take somebody who just had lung surgery it's a nightclub it's a comedy club where everybody's smoking so I came off the stage and I was coughing I thought I was going to cough my lung right out of these stitches and the guy came out and said man you want and so I wanted like three rounds next day I was on national TV and basically I was back in man I was rocking the roller man I was on my way to start him and what's your takeaway from that in terms of like doing whatever it takes or absolutely absolutely you do whatever it takes okay even if it risks your life that's your dream I made the decision there look this is what I want to do somebody to give me an opportunity I'm gonna take advantage of it and that's what I was doing that's crazy how do you help people that reach out to you a lot of people reach out to you for mentorship how do you help them find the thing that they want that badly I have a little quick theory I tell people with Tom and his desk a 40 hour work week is the best platform to design your career if you are an entrepreneur if you say you want to do something put it on an eight to five schedule take a lunch

The 8-Week Workweek (17:48)

break and if you really committed to your life I swear to you on that first day at work probably about an hour you're gonna be done with your career because you haven't put enough time in it now you look at Richard McDonne I know how to do PDFs I know I do power points I know I do Excel I know I do a count I know I do the press release I know how to edit I know all these things I had to learn in my 40 hour week it wouldn't just be going on stage and telling jokes it wouldn't just be writing scripts it's writing sketches going in that that's part of my 40 hour week and what people don't do is they don't even put 40 hour 40 hours of work into their own career but then they get mad when somebody asked them to put 40 hours of work so they can get paid that's why I go back to that thing the job a standard job gives you the tools for you to be successful as an entrepreneur it tells you you have to work a certain time period when you're working at a certain time period you have to be committed to certain tasks each day and you have to complete those tasks you care that same principle to you yourself as an entrepreneur very simple and when I tell people a general light bulb pops off then when they try to apply it's exactly what I'm saying at the bottom hour they don't know what they're doing with their career because they never in their lives set down with a plan and from that day moving forward they will start understanding the value of how much work it takes to be successful in the chosen field that they've chosen to be successful in and what do you say to people that say okay that's all right for somebody in their 20 years or 30s but you know I'm in my 50s or 60s it's too late for me stop please I can't stand that I hate people who say I'm done I'm 50 I'm done I'm 60 I'm done I'm technology come on now don't put please don't put a limit on what you can do when you haven't even tried to do what you're capable of doing see somebody along the way told you you were supposed to retire and there's 65 years

Its Not Too Late (19:51)

supposed to get a check and we like idiots decided that we should cash in our lives at those particular years that's we made that decision and guess what when you think like that guess what you dress like you old you walk like you old you talk like you retired because somebody told you at this age you supposed to throw in the towel no and with technology and social media you could be what you want to be because I tell everybody that social media is your private press conference would you put out there that day everybody gonna see it if they like it they'll let you know if they don't they'll let you know very true now you've said that you need people in your life that are gonna tell you when your good is really only average one why is that powerful and then two how do you find those people I'm gonna change them you know when I in working with steel really officially took over his career in 2000 he had just finished during original Kings of Comedy and I did his first really big radio deal with Radio 1 in this market in 92.3 the beat in Los Angeles and that's what I

Find Honest People (20:57)

discovered that you got to have a team and so I built a team around him and when I stopped managing him I was trying to figure out who was showing words by myself and that's terrible because you got to have people around you to tell you you're great got to remind you you're special got to remind you who you are and what you've accomplished because it's a general take is that as you as you build your life you kind of narrow your accomplishment in fact you kind of throw away your successes and so that's why it's important to have people in your life that are there to pump you up to tell you know you've never done it that way like that before you're you're committed to a certain plan of opportunity Rashad you that's that you should do it that way you got to have a team to remind you of what you can do and what you've done that's important if you don't have a team you turn a rocket by yourself you're just gonna be frustrated and I kid you not you will fail you got to have relationships not only personal relationships but business relationships what's the trait

Why I Was Successful Financially (22:30)

that you have that you've cultivated that's allowed you to be so successful um I'm from the inner city man you know um and I'm not what would annoys me is that I'm that person that everybody says is is unique and special and that's sad because I'm I'm only unique and special because you know me I tell people on a regular basis is that my success is tied to you everybody in this room my success is tied to because when they walk when I leave this room I have a I've touched them in a cool way I've made them think about something in their lives that's the time that God gave me and my wife gets annoyed at me because I walk in a room and I go and I can just not I can tell people exactly who they are within minutes and I can tell them what they should be doing with their lives that's up to you to make that decision and so so is that a gift or is that just a willingness to be honest with people about what they should be doing in their life I say it's just a willingness to be honest if you're if you're doing this and you're not happy stop but when you're planning an exit plan plan it and also keep that financial income coming at a very as much as long as you can but you have to realize that one day when you wake up Tom that it has to be about you it really has it's not about who you married to it's not about who you're dating it's not about your kids it's about you and if you realize that you will be successful because if all your success is about being positive and that you're not driven by selfish modes or selfish gains that everybody will win that's incredible man go I want to talk about the inner cities so I've worked in the inner city a lot and ironically I worked with a kid whose name was russian also and a big brother informed for eight and a half years and it was transformative in my life and then I end up later having a lot of employees that are in the inner cities probably about a thousand of them and I'm also obsessed with Jay-Z and so I'm looking at all this and I'll bring it together for you I'm

The Inner City (24:22)

looking at all this and I see okay Jay-Z goes on to be extraordinary most of these people will not and I realize that the the inner cities break most of the people that it touches but every so often it does something so magical to that person through hardship that they end up going on to be this just indomitable force it's clearly what's happened to you it's what's happened to a lot of people that have come out but why what because when I asked that question you said I'm from the inner cities as if that answered the question and if somebody really understands it it may but what do you mean by that because you have to lead the hood to be successful you cannot stay in the hood to win but what did you learn in the inner cities I didn't really learn anything I just knew how to get out I do it when I said in front of a television man I just saw things that I didn't see what I walked out my front door I lived in a I was it was two parents and nine kids living in a one bedroom shotgun house if you don't know what a shotgun house is you open the front door and you can shoot a gun at the back door and it doesn't hit anybody so I know exactly where I grew up in I knew I knew exactly the environment that I saw TV was not around here I I grew I wrote a city bus I didn't see a black person till I got downtown TV is amazing to me man because you know information is amazing I think that if you give people an inner city information they will get out a lot faster but what happens is if every one of my friends that I hung out with if we all stayed in the inner city I would not be sitting here all right I went and worked for a Jewish deli learned how to make sauerkraut rubens you know all these things were shaping Rishan McDonald out of the inner city you know learning how to relate to people that weren't people in the hood learning that there's a bigger scope of conversation that I had to gain and so but what I didn't leave I didn't lose was who Rishan McDonald lives so you can you can you can leave and still be Rishan I'm gonna be Rishan on that

Patricia Waddy (26:33)

you know I'm still gonna be that guy the dream is to really if I had to tell anybody something who's watching this show is that if you see it on TV create a realization that you can actually be a part of that if you do that it would change the way you look at things when I was in high school we should drive around and in the better neighborhood you know and look at these big old lawns and look at these big houses and I would just realize and my friends would say what you do I said because I'm gonna I'm gonna go into I want to know how my house is gonna look so you and anybody watching this show drive around start setting your goals because see if you start setting your goals then you have dreams if you have dreams then guess what that brings on expectations those expectations can only be reached by proper planning if you plan you will win I don't care yeah you're gonna have setbacks but you got a plan that's what you say everybody's gonna supposed to do a certain thing but they don't want to do

Embracing the Fool (27:56)

it because what they don't have a plan set that plan and play and I'm gonna tell you something when you start doing it it's gonna be rough it gonna people it gonna people understand me they're gonna tell you what are you doing you're incapable of achieving that moment in your life I've been told that a lot of times I'm cool with that too I was told I was a fool for leaving IBM been told that I was a fool for moving to New York I was a fool for moving there like I was a fool for imagine Steve Harvey I gave up a successful stand-up comedy career I've been told I was a fool for stop managers to you Harvey so people will tell you you're a fool I embrace that because that's what life is about challenging you to do something that people tell you not supposed to do to that end one thing I want to know you talk a lot about the plan I think that's so smart I know there's no way to give somebody a plan because it'll be so specific to what they're doing but what is that process how does somebody sit down is it like just writing out saying this is my goal for a week this my goal for a month this is six months I know you don't want people going out five six years what is the process how do you create a plan well first of all you have to say what you want to do okay then whether it's going to school or the starting a business or getting in business with somebody and it's a process if you if you're starting to call if you if you're starting a business go to a local SBA office okay there there are people down there that tell you what a business plan is all about now if you if you want to be a writer I always tell people that and you know there are people in this city or cities where this country who want to act will do table reach with them and video table because that's what they want they won't monologue reels they want reels and so there are always lanes and so you have to pick what you want to do and I and I would tell you this Tom and I say this honestly what everybody is that if you want to be successful you have

Write Down Why (29:55)

to write down why you want to be successful why why you want to be successful why because a lot of people might say I want to do it for money I want to do it for passion I want to do it for cause that why will determine the steps that you have to put in place to be successful because if you don't it for a passion or charity I mean you need to bring people on board to help you with that if you do it if you as I chose to be a stand-up comic I had to hit the road that was my plan I couldn't stay in Houston and be famous I had to go out then and develop a brand and let people know because I was an opening act and I wanted to be a headliner on where I want to be a headliner I had to let people know I wasn't just finding Houston Texas I was finding New York I was finding Chicago I was finding Kansas City I was finding in St. Louis so you have to build your brand so you have to just put steps in place to be successful now because of social media you have people who become instant stars through viral videos or become influencers so the steps have changed a little bit but they still tied to commitment all those people who are who are socially successful are committed and they put work into it they do it's not people actually think you just put out a viral video and it's gonna make you famous it might make you famous doesn't mean they're gonna make you successful no no question all right before I ask my last question tell these guys where they can find you online oh you can find me uh my name is Rishah Mcdonald of course and is I'm not one of those the real Rishah Mcdonald I am Rishah Mcdonald the official Rishah Mcdonald it's just Rishah Mcdonald Rishah I'm actually launching that's my primary website I'm launching two additional websites next month one called Baker's Spotlight because my bacon is gotten so big it was it's just a landing page on microsite over rishah so that's going to be an official website next month and then I'm also launching the official website money-making because that is expanded and it's so big so now when you come to Rishah Mcdonald you know because I would have baking pictures on there and I have sousch pictures I have motive it it was like really crazy who is this guy and so when you come to Rishah Mcdonald you're just basically a renaissance man site and from now you'll be able to click and share a real full bacon experience a really full informational and motivational experience so Rishah Mcdonald I'm a fan certified I have almost 800 or 800 000 Facebook followers I have of course an Instagram account under Rishah Mcdonald and a Twitter account under Rishah Mcdonald and under money-making conversations I also have a Facebook Instagram and Twitter followers under money-making conversations so I'm easy to follow I'm a fan of helping people become successful and that's what this show is all about that's why I love it and that's why I'm sitting here because you understand the value of information and we live in a world of information and sharing it for free is important.

Living Legacy And Inspirational Stories

Where to find Rushion (32:25)

I totally agree so what's the impact that you want to have on the world?

The Micheal Bloomberg story (32:53)

I'm having it now because I'm living my legacy and my legacy is really an awakening to me but it's really funny doing my money-making conversation show because I get to talk to people and I didn't realize how impactful I have when I hear a lala ethnic call on my show Nick Cannon call on my show it's just amazing when they tell me how I mentored them just naturally and it's really when I talk about the impact that Steve Harvey that I made over daytime television how we took made the African American experience I think acceptable especially in the male genre and especially daytakers we weren't supposed to make it you know Katie Kurt was launched that year Jeff Prose from the Survivor they were supposed to be the ones that were supposed to be winners that year Ricky Lake was that same year that we launched the talk show taking a family feud show when we launched it in 2010 the Rangers 1.7 that was the hottest game show and to be instrumental in that marketing process and just carrying my natural instinct so my next goal in life right now and my legacy is to be how many people I can make successful and I'm not I'm not trying to get a check on that I would tell people somehow in my life I'm gonna get paid and it's but I'm not gonna use an approach of I'm doing something for you and you owe something back to me that can't work for me so that's my legacy I love that for Sean thank you so much for coming on the show amazing guys his career is incredible when you look at the number of people that he's been able to influence and the thing that I find just absolutely intoxicating about him is the reinvention the way that he

The impact is living your legacy (34:30)

is over and over reinvented himself from seeing himself as coming from this you know impoverished area with family that hadn't been as educated as he wanted to be then going on and getting a degree in mathematics and starting there and then becoming an executive at IBM only to reinvent himself again as a stand-up comic and then as a manager and then to have so much success as an executive producer and manager and then to leave that and start his own company it is an incredible tale of reinvention of never letting yourself get trapped in some caricature version of who you are or who other people think you are or who they want you to be or what they think success is but instead to be true to your own voice to nourish those talents to pour yourself into that to have the plan to know what you want and to go after it and he's done it time and time and time again and had success at every level it's just it's absolutely incredible and I know that so many people struggle with that sense of oh it's too late it that moment has passed me by and to see him do this at 60 is just beyond inspiring so I hope that you guys will take as much away from this as I have and we hardly touched on the man is like a world-class baker literally even I still don't understand you've got to check it out it's incredible so if you love something get after it all right guys if you haven't already be sure to subscribe and until next time my friends be legendary take care John thank you so much hey everybody thank you so much for watching and being a part of this community if you haven't already be sure to subscribe you're going to get weekly videos on building a growth mindset cultivating grit and unlocking your full potential

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