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Intro (00:00)

There's a proverb that says, "He who works his land will have abundance." But if you chase fantasies, you lack wisdom. And people say, "Well, what's your land? Your land is what's in front of you. If you're in the seventh grade work, your seventh grade land. If you're the cameraman, work your land. If you're a janitor, work your land. If you're a single mother, work your land, your land is what's in front of you." So I started studying the law of the harvest, of working your land to get a harvest. You got to plow the ground. You got to plant the seed. You got to water the seed. And then you reap a harvest. And I think that mostly in the age of social media, people see guys like you and Gary Vee and others, and they think that they can go from BAM to BAM. It's not going to happen. You got to work your land. You got to plow, plow, plow, plow, plow, plow, plow. And when I say plow, I'm constantly building another person's dream. This crap's not all about me. Hey everybody.

Discussion With Tim Storey And His Influences

Introducing Tim Storey (01:11)

Welcome to Impact Theory. Today's guest is an acclaimed author and life coach who has worked with some of the biggest names in the world. Known as the comeback coach, he has helped to rehab some of the most famously troubled careers. From Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen, Kanye West, and Stevie Wonder to Quincy Jones, Dion Sanders, and business icon Lee Iacocca, he's the one they all turned to. He's written nine books and spoken in 75 different countries to upwards of 85,000 people at one time. He was a featured guest on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, and he's featured weekly on Steve Harvey TV's Facebook Live. Inspired by Mother Teresa, he's also an ordained minister who has partnered with organizations across the globe to spread hope and empowerment, working side by side with humanitarian organizations such as the Kids Haven orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the Fred Jordan mission here in Los Angeles is Skid Row, as well as the tireless work he does around addiction recovery. It's difficult to quantify the number of lives that he's touched, but it is definitely measured in the millions. So please, help me in welcoming the man who Quincy Jones called a voice of inspiration and hope, the Amazon top selling author of Come Back and Beyond, Tim Story. Tim Story, how you doing, man?

How Tim helps people (02:30)

Good to see you. Good to see you as well. Super excited to have the Come Back Coach on the show. The people that you've worked with are really, really extraordinary. And what I want to know is how do you help them get unstuck and literally re-imagine their entire lives so that they can move forward again? You know, I think every one of us, we go through challenges. The more I study people, when we're young, a lot of us had momentum. I remember as a kid chasing down the ice cream truck and flying kite, and then life interruptions hit. A life interruption could be somebody's parents divorcing, could be somebody getting molested, it could be addiction at an early age. And I just always had a heart for the underdog. So it started with just helping people in my city that were hurting, and then it went to the NFL, the NBA, and then into entertainers. So with entertainers, what I see is that they have the same problem but it's amplified because we all know about it. Right. And what are some of those core problems that hang people up? Is it their internal narrative? Is it the way that they look at the problem that they're facing? Your own story is pretty interesting. So your father dies in a car accident when you're 10. Yeah. And you and your siblings reacted to that event pretty differently. Yes. Is there anything illustrative in the different reactions there that will help us see what to do or avoid? No doubt about it. I was reading one time about Mike Tyson, the boxer, that he never lost a fight by being, you know, a decision at the end of the fight. He only lost if he was knocked down but didn't know how to get up. And part of that is because he was trained to win and didn't know how to get back up. And so I find that a lot of people that I work with, they don't know how to get back up from a setback. And in my family, when my father died at 10, he was just going to a restaurant to pick up food for my mother and for himself. And he was going through a green light and a man ran a red light and boom and took his life. So that quick man, our whole lives changed. My mother, whose first language is Spanish, she still speaks very broken English. She now had to raise five children working at Winchles Donut Shop for a shift and a half. So we went from like this happy family with a lot of energy to hearing my mother cry for the first time. So I handled it different than the rest of my siblings. And what do you think was the key difference? I paid attention to the people that were around me. I think when somebody has a setback that number one, you have to become awake again because a setback can just really put you in a daze. A breakup can do that. Someone who loses their job. Someone gets fired. That's what I work with on a daily basis. But what takes place so, so many times is that people, they stay in their days and they're not awake. So you have to become awake and the material you have to become aware. So you're awake, but now be aware, like what's going on around me? So awake, aware, then you got to take inventory because our lives were now different than before the accident. The inventory is my father's gone. The inventory, he's not leading us anymore. The inventory, he's not being funny in the house anymore. So that's intense stuff. So the awake, aware, and the inventory, a lot of people don't do it and then they stuck.

Inventory (06:25)

The inventory idea is really interesting. I actually haven't heard you talk about that before, but you did a sort of quick interview with a lawyer, a friend of yours who'd been a lawyer for 50 years, helped people through crisis. Yeah. And you said like, how do you get through a crisis? And this answer was really interesting and it's kind of along those lines and it's understand your reality. Yes. Why is that so important? Because what takes place in the world of fantasy, like if you ask any little kid, what do you want to be when you get older? They say things like a basketball player or, you know, I want to travel the world and I want to do something big. I want to be LeBron James, a little girl, really young because I'm going to be a princess. So all of a sudden, when you have a life interruption that's major, let's say again, your parents getting divorced. Divorce means divided force. So you had force and now you have divided force. So I work with a lot of families in this city where their parents got divorced and it took some of these people 10, 20 years to get through it. Okay? So the taking inventory is being real or as you said, looking at the reality of the situation you're now dealing with. So you could settle in your setback and I knew that there was something that now had to be done in my family. My brother decided to smoke a lot of weed. That's what he got done. My sister who was a model decided not to be around too much. My other sisters decided to just be busy and I was the youngest by many, many years and it was me and my mother in that house. So I was feeling her pain. But in the midst of her pain, created some decisions in me that hell no, I wasn't going to live this way. And I think that's why I became who I am today. Yeah, that's really interesting. Yeah. That's a pretty astonishing reaction for somebody so young. Yeah. So talk about that awareness piece which I think this is really interesting. So somebody as somebody who's had to terminate employees before you always feel like the person's reacting like you've just given them a cancer diagnosis and you get that sense if there's the fog of they're not going to really remember this conversation. How do you help people regain that awareness which man having watched people go through divorce, having watched people spend decades like you're saying lost in that fog, how do you help people climb out of that? I think that what's important is for people to understand that that setback is only temporary and sometimes you have to go left before you get right. And you know, it sucks to think I got to go left before I get right. To be left forsaken, rejected, okay? It didn't work. Before you get right, apropos, germane, in the groove, in sync. We all want to be right but sometimes you got to go left before you get right. So like when I first met Robert Downey Jr. was in 1999 and he was very left and soon after that he was in the cover of Newsweek magazine and they were basically saying he's done. So that was in the year 2001. Well he's done okay since then. He became Iron Man. That's one of the most extraordinary rebounds ever and I know he's publicly shouted you out as being the comeback coach. Yeah and he's my brother. That's my real brother there. That's really incredible. So somebody that's going through that, I've got to imagine self-narrative is a big part of this. For him to be having gone through what he went through to have the industry say you're done like there's no coming back from this and I remember I'm as guilty as anybody from the sidelines. I was like, yeah, there's no way. And when he started getting roles again I remember Kiss Kiss Bang Bang I thought they really took a shot on him and he was amazing in it. That you remember. And then when he got Iron Man I was like what? Like this is such a crazy turnaround. And he seemed so at ease. And so I actually had the good fortune I was on the set super briefly of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Yes. And so I saw him super close and I was like wow like he's really got an effortlessness about him. And I thought there's no way that happened by accident this is the result of a lot of work. A lot of work and a lot of what we all have had to do that have had setbacks and that is to reprogram ourselves. Because what happens is that when you have that kind of setback what most people think is that they have to become a discount version of themselves. And so now you're going to end up at one of those stores that's marked irregular. I won't mention different stars but stars that you know, stars that I know the people that I work with. So many people have written discount version of yourself. But you have to again think to yourself okay I am left but I can now turn this left into something positive. So what I teach is you could turn your left into a library of learning and a sanctuary of going deeper. And so even as a 10 year old like no joke I got them emo man and I felt that someday I'd have to rise up and help my family. So I told my mother when I was 12 I said I got this and I did. And so I became very successful in my early 20s and my mother's never had to worry about money since because it's just the way I looked at life. So I pushed a reset button and got very serious about it. So you know in my left I got right through the library and the sanctuary.

The Breadcrumbs (12:25)

So when you're in the left and it's sort of the moment where everything seems so hopeless how do you get people to begin seeing the path out? Is it just knowing that you know sort of the Buddhist mantra this too shall pass? Is it really helping them work on skill acquisition? Like what is it that you help people do to get them out? I know there are people watching this right now they're so far left they can't even see right anymore. And so helping them get back on that path really has to be like some serious breadcrumbs. Yes. What are those breadcrumbs? Okay so when you're in that setback in that pain there are times you feel like you will never get out and that you will be a discount version of yourself and that what used to be your life is not going to be your life and that is not the truth. But you may have a reassignment okay so the key is not to try to become the person you used to be and you may have heard the saying that I say because Oprah Winfrey loves this saying that a comeback is not a go back. So the guys I work with male and female don't try to go back that will frustrate you even more. So now we've got to pay attention to what we have now and what is my new assignment? And you don't have to limp your whole life in that new assignment because it's a new assignment. So one of the cool things about what Robert Downey Jr. is up to and you may know this is that himself I'm in it we brought in Jake Gyllenhaal, Brent Bolthouse you may know, Scott Budnick from the Hangover, Shaka we got into ARC helping prisoners. So Robert went from prison and now he's helping in prison reform so your mess can become your message. That's really interesting so I have a personal fascination with the prison system and so at our last company my wife and I we have a strong belief that it doesn't matter where you start it just matters who you want to become and the price you're willing to pay to get there. I found that most people are not willing to pay much of a price or they don't understand that something new that they can have this reassignment. But we would hire people if they were a good fit even if they had felony convictions and so some of the most extraordinary people that I know in my life happen to be ex-convex. What drew you to that and what do you see is like that like if you were going to package something up to give to them what is in that package. Okay the thing that draws me is pain.


I'm drawn I'm drawn to the underdog. I'll never forget in sixth grade there was a guy named Don and we were the two fastest guys in sixth grade. So in the 50 he beat me but always barely. In long distance races we were always neck and neck and in this particular race I was winning and so it was a long distance race and we we lapped this kid named Freddy. But I noticed that it wasn't just because Freddy was a bigger kid but it looked like there was something wrong with him and something made me stop. I was beaten Don and I only had been ahead of him a couple times in that particular race. I stopped and I ran to Freddy and I go are you okay and he goes no. He goes I'm having an asthma attack. So I grabbed this kid this is in sixth grade and took him to the teacher and I made sure he got his inhaler so he could be okay. Well one reason is that my sister used to have asthma and she had asthma attacks. So I cared. So I love the underdog. So I will even stop being in first place to help somebody need. I love that. You were telling a story one time of somebody that you were working with if I remember right they were a famous NFL star. Yeah. And you took them back to their school and put them on a swing set that they used to swing on. Great memory. What happened there and what makes that kind of moment so powerful. It's one of those famous football players of all time and we're driving in his big old roles Royce through his town and he told me everything is wrong from the roles Royce. With all that money he was making and he was coming to the end of his career he goes everything is wrong and I go oh man I said weren't you raised around here he goes yeah man 15 minutes away but I don't like to go in that neighborhood. I go let's go just for fun because I'm always kind of up to something. So I took him to his inner city and I said take me to elementary school he goes no I mean it's right down the street so we pulled up in his roles Royce to his elementary school. I go let's walk into school but this was really cool. So we couldn't get in it was all locked but they're the old fashioned chain lead fences and I go let's go over the fence and he's like come on come on brother for real. I said come on let's go we got to get to the other side. And so we start walk around in school all of a sudden he goes man you bring up some memories. Let's go over here so we get on the swing this big boy gets on the swing he starts swinging he's swinging and crying and he goes you bastard I see what you just did. I said what he says you brought me back cycle remember what I came from. I said absolutely. Absolutely. I have chosen my faith right now. Yeah. See because hey my dad died my sister died two years later being Tim's story has given me a lot but it's also kicked the shit out of me. There's a price there's a price to do what we do. So for me I got to go back to that place of innocence and I got to hear that voice again and I that voice aligns me with I'm not about fame and I'm not about getting more rising to the top what's the top of what's not the top. I'm about being a servant that's how I started and that's how I need to end and that's where the place of innocence takes me back to talk to me about mother Teresa and this whole idea being a servant that's pretty interesting when I saw that I was like wow that's for knowing where you go and knowing what you do it there's actually a through line there that I see that's really intriguing. But it's still a little bit surprising you imagine that picture of mother Teresa. What was it about that drew you and how do you try to channel that energy. So just I can just say this to you I feel that a little bit from you too in a good way is that I think there's times that were headed somewhere and then people are in our posse going oh yeah that's where you belong you are headed that way that's where you belong. So mother Teresa was a school teacher and so she was she was headed towards being a school teacher and moving up as a teacher but then she saw something see our lives are changed two primary ways education and observation.


One thing you'll find about me I watch every damn move everybody's making I'm always watching so mother Teresa walked into the school one day and she noticed the orphans had she not noticed the orphans we would never known of mother Teresa but she saw the orphans and she said when I get out I'm gonna see if they're still there they were still there I'm gonna find a way to feed them. So as a few orphans she fed them the next day was more orphans she fed them the next day was more orphans so she got off what she thought was her pathway because she heard somebody else was in in pain and that's what hit me man because like I was headed to USC communications major I had connections there with people that like where I was coming from and you know that's that's how I saw myself in the entertainment business but the more I saw people hurting I wanted to be a humanitarian and the mother Teresa story of she was headed somewhere but she heard the voice of the hurting stop me in my tracks. Yeah it's so interesting and I think that it would be really easy given how much you've accomplished to chalk you up to he's just gifted anointed but you have a concept that you talk about that I find immeasurably powerful called work your land. Wow what do you mean by that? Work in your land will change anybody's life there's a proverb that says he who works his land will have abundance but if you chase fantasies you lack wisdom and people say well what's your land your land is what's in front of you if you're in the seventh grade work your seventh grade land if you're the cameraman work your land if you're a janitor work your land if you're a single mother work your land your land is what's in front of you so I started studying the law of the harvest of working your land to get a harvest you got to plow the ground you got to plant the seed you got to water the seed and then you reap a harvest and I think that mostly in the ages of social media people see guys like you and Gary V and others and they think that they can go from them to BAM it's not going to happen you got to work your land you got to plow plow plow plow plow plow and you got to plant the right seeds see if we go back to your life somewhere somehow somewhere somehow you were planting some good seeds and one time and if I bring up Oprah once in a while because I love her she's she's my real sister we're just me and her in her backyard and she goes I love the work your land because she goes it's right I planted the right dog on seeds see every day you got you got negative seeds and positive seeds and and people that are selfish man you just plant negative seeds and they're not going to come back positive so when you plow and you plant the right seeds and you water them which is repetition it doesn't look like it's going to grow come on man you're working at Taco Bell making Gorditas taking care of the Chihuahua doesn't look like it's working all the sudden man payday is on its way and that harvest just starts to kick yeah that concept of the seeds like you've got a bag of seeds every day and are you going to plant you know good seeds you can plant negative seeds that's interesting and I love what you're saying about water is repetition repetition once people understand that to me I think the whole game unlocks for them that and when I read about bamboo

Bad choice can lead to bad habits (23:43)

I found that really interesting so bamboo plant a seed for five years doesn't look like anything is happening but it's it's developing this huge ball of roots under the ground takes five years and then in something like three weeks it'll grow 30 feet above the ground it's crazy but you have to have planted the seed water to water watered it for five years yeah knowing that this repetition will pay off yeah great great illustration and then at that case no matter what spirituality you have you have to then walk by faith and not by sight so like when I was in seminary it didn't look like I was gonna be Tim's story it looked like I was a dude just in seminary so it makes sense yeah of course so it just it never never looked that way but then I'd get these really weird breaks like I'd be speaking somewhere and I saw this really famous celebrity guy probably one of our best three actors and he was there to watch me I was 24 years of age then right after that shows up Reggie White remember Reggie White the football player he comes and sees me at another city he's like oh man man I totally like your vibe you're down to earth I want you to start speaking at the NFL chapels so I go to speak at one chapel and the guy comes up and goes man usually they got their arms folded they're all bored he goes you had them laughing and then everybody was in line and I thought this is what they did they kept saying can I get your number can I get your number can I get your number but it was like stars of the NFL so Reggie White put me from one team to the next team to the next team next next thing I knew I was doing seven of the top teams in the NFL and I was life coaching people at 24 before I even knew what life coaching was so that was like a break that's really interesting what is some of the key insights into just human nature that you had at that early age that really allowed you to help unlock people so what I would say to you is what I had is life experience that I had not yet written down but I had remembered that's really cool so it's not like I had a manual but I had remembered the pain of what I had gone through the pain of the loneliness and the the wondering and so what I would do is I would teach on subjects that I went through rejection okay fear shame guilt and you would have thought I was like a executive producer for a for the Ellen show coming up with great topics but I was I was just thinking about what I went through and then I'm going to create a message on that and it was like it was pushing buttons because they were standing up and wanting my number yeah yeah

Meditation & Motivation (27:01)

talk to me about some of those things so you've said never waste your failures which I think is incredibly powerful yeah how do you help people make use of their failures what does that look like so most people make big mistakes on a regular day it's just a regular day and now we got choices the choices of selection I got a choice and usually when they mess it up they made a couple bad choices and the choice created a challenge okay so rather than just talking about their failure the failure they already feel the failure they already heard about mostly if they're big and they're watching TV it's all over the place when I meet with guys sometimes for the first time I'll never say a word about the failure and it'll trip them out they'll go Tim when we're gonna talk about the thing and I go you know about the thing we're talking about other things right now but it works so the key then is to find out what state of mind and what state was our soul in when we made that choice because I'm trying to tell you when a person's at peace they're not usually making really silly choices it's usually coming from a place that's not so peaceful so I gotta try to help get them back to that peaceful place let's talk about that so is it a journey of meditation is it a journey of clarity like how does one get back to peace so the beautiful thing about peace it's not it's not a spot like people say well I'm gonna go to Marbé Espéin that's where I find peace or I'm going back to Egypt that's where I find peace that's cool that probably helped you can like stop bam right now and and and have peace you can go into that place of meditation how though okay part of that is I call it stop look and listen you gotta you gotta stop the noise okay you gotta look inside yourself and then you have to listen so let's just stop now just go into a place of meditation and don't think about where you've been where you were what everybody's saying about you but let's just go into a place of being grateful and you love that word too you got it you got to go back to that place of of being of being grateful it's this idea of you may not be what you want to be but thank God you're not what you used to be and what I find is from that that place of peace okay you can find a better place to help solve that dilemma that you're in because chaos will create more chaos if you're not careful yeah that is for sure so let's go back to meditation let's define that so I think it's really powerful and I get why you have people start with gratitude yeah that's such a I'll say weapon to help people really get calm to change their neuro chemistry to focus on something that's going to be helpful yes do you define meditation as simply thinking about things you're grateful for or or is there something else there I think there's different things that people meditate on to meditate is to mutter or to have your mindset to set your mind to mindset so some people do spiritual meditation some people think about nature but whatever you meditate on mindset okay is the whole being grateful that does take you into a beautiful state because then you start to remember that you're you're still living you're still breathing you're you're still alive and then the second place I think that we should go is you need to begin to go beyond your situation you need to think big in small places that's interesting so so let's say that let's say you're you just found out your son has a really bad illness and somebody's working through that it'd be it'd be so easy to go singular see when somebody's sick they usually go singular I'm hurt I'm in pain you don't know what I've been through you go singular when you begin to think beyond you go plural so you you go from being grateful to now thinking big in small places and and starting to be thankful and grateful that your son has doctors and there is a a chance that he can be better and start to see him better and that's a technique I use on a daily basis on my clients I read on one of your Instagram post something I thought was really great and you said I keep my mindset on possibilities and I thought that was really interesting is that a tool that you've always used was that something that you learned through a hard time in your life and how do you do that okay it's an amazing thing about the mindset as you know because I'm studying you too is that it's so easy to be driving in LA and just think about traffic when I'm in traffic I think that I'm going to turn that situation into something really good and I do I promise I listen to to books on tape okay I have funny conversations with guys like I'll call a guy and they'll go like are you okay and they're like you never just check in because I usually don't have that kind of time but now I'm in traffic like for an hour

tpo get a miracle mindset (32:59)

and a half so I'm just like joking with my buddies seeing what they're up to so that is a that's a choice that is a that is a mind set right so I believe in having what I call a miracle mindset a miracle is a supernatural event it's extraordinary it's beyond okay and I honestly believe this that the more my mindset goes into a miracle mindset you see this in the life of Ellen you see it let's talk talk shows for a minute Ellen Steve Harvey Oprah everyone of them saw themselves there before they got there so that mindset of the miracle mindset took them into where first of all they believed then they then they expected so when you begin to get a miracle mindset and you start meditating on what can happen man is wild what I saw all is happening let's talk about that so putting that together with what you said earlier about watering it in repetition yes you made a very similar body movement which makes me think that they're related for you yes they certainly are for me yes um do you think of the meditating on what could be as a form of like visualization where you're meditating on what you want to come true is it something like that or is it different I think that it it goes into phases that the first place of meditation could be just a place of calming of coming into a place of quiet okay because our lives are so busy and there's so much disruption so I think the first phase of meditation is I come into a place of quiet and the second phase is I want to then start hearing myself your dream has a has a voice and and I start I start hearing my dream like Tim you're gonna make movies I knew that before then it was Quincy Jones later that said Tim you were made for this this is what you're gonna do and I'm gonna help you what she did but I I go from a place of quiet then a place of of hearing then a place of seeing the the visualization takes me out so the it's so important again not just to be inward no matter what you're going through get quiet let the dream speak but then you got to think outward yeah even Oprah she said that when she was struggling as a teenager she's constantly just see herself at that place did you see yourself doing better things when you were little I did and I used to fantasize about it and that was when I was little it was always thinking about my future and what I could become that would make me almost giddy with possibilities which is actually what first attracted me to doing impact theory was so I big brother for a kid in the inner cities south central LA and so I'm coming off of when I was his age I would get giddy thinking about my future and he did not

Big Brothers (36:20)

yeah he didn't even think about his future so for him it was like just surviving and I'd never encountered that it was one of those where I kind of always thought everybody thought about the future the way that I did and so seeing that whoa like he does have the ability to do everything that I've done but he doesn't believe he has the ability to do it and so he's got and I unfortunately didn't understand it this well back then but he didn't have the mindset that was going to allow him to pursue that because he couldn't sit there and imagine and meditate on where he was going he was meditating on just how do I get through today okay so it's so good and even though you were helping him unless he was willing to change his mindset he could just stay stuck because he's now not cooperating with the process right see and that's that's the key is that me and you can leave here today and go down to places where people need help but if they're not willing to cooperate with the comeback then they're going to stay in the same situation you've talked about being a voracious learner which I think is yes really powerful how do you go into something so like when you decided I'm going to get into film and tv production but I don't know anything about it I don't know the right people necessarily how did you begin to put those together and do you have a formal process around learning or is it sort of ad hoc that's one of my favorite questions anyone's ever asked me I am so curious man if I don't know a word I look it up I want the synonym I want the anonym I want I want to know where it came from where the word derived from if I go to a country I'm all up in that country I'm like why where who how hot how cold who's here what's there what's happened so now that I'm doing the movie business and doing tv shows and doing plays I'm working on a big 25 million dollar Broadway play right now I didn't know anything about it so now I'm all up in it so I'm in to watching plays hanging out with Broadway guys you know ask guys that are like doing the best music how they do it and so

Christoph on Tim (38:51)

I'm really in a season of plowing in this business I'm always listening I'm paying attention I'm watching documentaries man not a lot of people can do the plowing phase they certainly they may be willing to do it when they're really young but certainly not once they're established that's something I find really interesting about you I mean you could easily coast the rest of your life make in a fortune doing what you're doing and the fact that you're reinventing now really blown away by that yeah in you I think that's really really powerful thank you if I could just take you through something real quick see I think people want to soar like an eagle but you got to sit before you soar you got to sit then you got to stand and what you learned and you got to walk it out then hopefully you run that's passion and then you soar yeah so so I'm soaring in other places but in other places I got to come back and sit yeah and most people can't do that I think that's really awesome in that whole work your land work your land I just need to come back to that every day I'm working my land every damn day I mean I don't I don't want to be in the gym six days a week but I'm over 50 so I have to be and I don't want to always call the people I got a call do funerals for people that you know I wish I didn't have to do the funeral because you know whatever it's it's it's depressing some of these places I got to go but I I do them because that's work in my land it's a work in my land that's so powerful Tim where can people find you um so I'm Tim Story so Tim so we do a lot of cool things and you can find us all through that and then you know we're on Instagram Facebook Instagram is Tim Story official but they can find all things Tim Story at Tim All right and now I have to know what is the impact that you want to have on the world? Another great question I think if I change one then I change another person so I think about changing one person because then it can have the domino effect you know so Mother Teresa when they gave me that book to read could you imagine it helped change the little Timmy story from Compton and it had a domino effect on millions of people so I want to know for I want to be known for changing one person and it went from there. It's really incredible man plant those seeds. Guys this is somebody who will blow your socks off if you give them half a second work your land plant your seeds it will change your life and as he said it will change the lives of others.

Concluding Remarks

Final Thoughts (41:04)

Tim thank you so much for coming on that was absolutely extraordinary. Guys if you haven't already be sure to subscribe and until next time my friends be legendary take care. Hey everybody thank you so much for watching and being a part of this community if you haven't already be sure to subscribe you're going to get weekly videos on building a growth mindset cultivating grit and unlocking your full potential. you

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