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Intro (00:00)

I was bullied, but it made me stronger. There's nothing I can't get through. There's nothing I can't overcome because regardless of what people try to bring me down, like inside, I found like, "Oh, cool. I can push through." These people can't tell me that I look gross and whatever, and I can't do this. Like, no, I'm gonna push through and I'm gonna do it. And I'll do it. - Hey everybody, welcome to Impact Theory. Our goal with this show and company is to introduce you to the people and ideas that will help you actually execute on your dreams. All right, today's guest is the former undisputed WWE Raw Women's Champion. She has her own action figure, has already appeared in three WWE video games and stars in season seven of the Smash Hit Total Divas. But nobody is more surprised than she is to have taken the world of wrestling by storm. Even though she played basketball at the college level, she didn't get her big break in wrestling until she was over 30 years old and her body type is definitely not like other girls. But despite always feeling different and being bullied all throughout school, she moved to New York and ultimately became a plus size model with the legendary Will Amina Modeling Agency. Not satisfied to simply be a pretty face, however, she leveraged her extraordinary athletic skills to break into wrestling, moving quickly through the development ranks and getting drafted into the WWE in 2016. And since then, she has been wowing fans in the ring with her unique blend of raw power and agility, as well as outside the ring with her relentless crusade for body positivity, for which she was named the Today Show Style Hero. She's also shown a ceaseless commitment to community initiatives for several causes, including the military, breast cancer awareness and the children's hospitals that she routinely visits all across the country. And for those efforts and more, she received the Association of National Advertisers See Her Now Award, so please, help me in welcoming the woman nominated for the 2018 People's Choice Game Changer of the Year Award, the irresistible force herself, Naya Jax. - Oh my God. - That's amazing, thank you. - Absolutely, thank you for being here. - Of course. - So I am super excited to talk to you about what it means to not be like everybody else and how you've managed to turn that into like this monument of beauty and positivity. It's just really pretty extraordinary. - Thank you, oh my gosh, this is crazy, like that. I was like, what the heck? Who's he talking about? But, you know, it's something that I was raised with. I've always been different. I've always been, you know, I looked different, it was bigger, whatever, but something that I've always been raised with my mom, like she's always said, stay true to yourself. No matter what, beauty comes from within, whatever people think of you on the outside has nothing to do with your beauty on the inside. And that shines way more than how you look. And so, it's just something I was raised with and I've always been true to myself. I feel like I just constantly like live my truth. And I always say it before, like I'm very vulnerable. Like I don't hold anything back. I'm an open book. And so, I find beauty in everybody. That's what I love to do. Like when I meet somebody, I like to find like the beauty and everybody regardless of what they look like. And I feel like that's just something I live by. - Give me some traits. Like what are, so if beauty really does come from the inside, what are those qualities that make someone beautiful? - Oh gosh.

Personal Experiences And Influences

Traits That Make Someone Beautiful (03:34)

I mean, like I said, everybody's different. And I find like, I always find comedy in people is a very beautiful thing. Like making somebody laugh and smile. Like the best thing I love doing is when we do our hospital visits, we anytime I go into a room, and you know, these kids are fighting something I couldn't even imagine. And just to put a smile on their face, like that is beautiful. But then they're putting smiles on my face as them being able to reach within what they have, realizing what they're fighting. And like seeing me and like cracking jokes with me, like that's beautiful. That's so beautiful. - Talk to me about those hospital visits and going in and seeing the fans and even more than just the hospital visits, the way that fans receive you as somebody that gives them a hero to look up to that they recognize themselves in. - So that's one thing I'm very blessed with on WWE. Like I never thought in a million years I would be somebody that anybody looks up to. 'Cause I just, I've always wanted to just live my life and be happy, right? And so in the WWE, we're so passionate about getting back. And I'm a huge proponent of that. So when we go and do these hospital visits, it's a treat for us. I'm so excited to do it. Like I might have only slept an hour and like traveled like 15 hours on a flight, but like being able to go in and visit these kids, like they're the true heroes. You know, they're fighting something, a huge battle and all they wanna do is just hang out with us. And I'm like, that's a huge blessing for me to think like, that's something I can never give back. - You're on the road over 300 days a year. You sleep very little and you do. All of this stuff.

What Drives Nia (05:19)

What is it that drives you? - Passion for what I do. Like I love what I do. There's nothing better than stepping into that ring in the arena in front of thousands of people and putting on a show and wrestling. And I go off adrenaline. It's just, it's a passion. So if I'm only sleeping an hour and I like, I know that like, what was it? We flew 15 hours to South Africa. And we had like a three hour little gap before we had to go to the show. And like all of us were just completely beaten exhausted, right? But then we get to the arena and there's all these fans and these kids dressed up like us with signs and they're just so excited to see us. The second, my music hits, I'm not tired anymore. My adrenaline's out there. I'm ready to put on a show, put some smiles on faces and like, just to see the crowd reaction. Like, it's nothing like it.

Being Bullied (06:16)

You've talked about fighting a couple times. So I know that for you growing up probably wasn't easy but you've stayed insanely positive. So one, I wanna know what was it like being bullied? Like in the moment when you were growing up, how did you cope with that? How did you struggle to stay positive? - Oh gosh, I remember I was playing basketball and an entire arena was like chanting Bigfoot. - Whoa. - Yeah. I mean, like it was a high school game but it was just like, oh my gosh, like people are just like, it's constantly being reminded of like, you're bigger, you don't look like everybody. And there were days where I would be upset and like, I'd cry about it and like, I wouldn't get asked to dance as because, you know, I wasn't as petite and cute like the other girls. And I would always, it'd be like, dang, I'm just so, I'm so different. And like, how come I can't be like them? That's in the back of my mind. And then my mom would always be like, you're beautiful. There's nothing wrong with you. Like you have something that people want. And I'm like, what is that? She's like the beauty on the inside, your heart. And so I don't know what it is. I just constantly you push through and you find the positive. And that's something I really do is I find the positive and almost anything. Even while I want to complain about being tired, you know what I mean? Like I only slept an hour but I get to be here. I get to meet people. I get to have fun. I'm home for like maybe a couple days. I'll go see my mom. Like there's a positive in everything that I can do. I was bullied but it made me stronger. There's nothing I can't get through. There's nothing I can't overcome because regardless of what people try to bring me down, like inside I found like, oh cool, I can push through. These people can't tell me that I look gross and whatever, I can't do this. Like no, I'm gonna push through and I'm gonna do it. And I'll do it. So I guess I just find the positive in everything that I do. So take me back so a lot of kids look up to you and a lot of people are gonna be watching this and I think there's a real moment of insight you can give them. Take us back, you're on the court and they're chanting Bigfoot. I mean that would be extraordinarily difficult for an adult, let alone somebody in high school. So what's the narrative playing in your head in that moment? - I was shooting a free throw. So I was like getting ready to shoot free throw and literally like I do this routine before I shoot and I like dribble the ball twice and I roll it through my hands and I just hear Bigfoot, Bigfoot. And I'm like, first I'm like, why are they're chanting Bigfoot? I'm like, what the heck? And then I look and literally, they're chanting at me Bigfoot. And I shot the shot, made it, won the game. And I'm like, I sat back and I'm like, 'cause when I was younger, I had to, like they didn't make it bigger shoes. So I was warm men's shoes. I always had to wear men's sizes. My mom would have to buy the expensive shoes because that's the only thing that fit my feet. And I was like, dang, none of my friends do. They fit into the girl shoes or whatnot. But I'm like, dude, I'm still a badass though. I went out and I won that game. Like you had a Bigfoot at me. My big feet went and ran over your team and I beat you. Like, that's the narrative I always put in my brain. Like, because I'm a big proponent of practicing what you preach. And I always hate when somebody hate, like speaks negatively of themselves. So I'm always like, no, you cannot, you're beautiful. There's, you know, finding something beautiful in what you do. So that's something I always try to do with myself in my head, working for the WWE and being completely different. That was something that was definitely pointed out to me. You know, we have gorgeous women on our roster that can wear like a two-piece bikini and like go out there and rock it. And I was like, that's not me. It's not my style. And, you know, it was definitely like made evident by people that like, oh, you're fat, you're gross, you're disgusting, you don't belong here. You outweigh these girls by 100 pounds. Why are you wrestling them? And I was like, jeez, I should just hang it up, hang up my boots. But then I'm like, no, I'm like, this is, it looks, I was like, it's cool. Are you kidding me? I'm like the big Andre the Giant out there. And these girls are trying to chop me down. Like this makes for great wrestling, a great story. So I just find like, find the positive and don't get me wrong, I do get knocked down by the negative and it does set in sometimes. But I always find something positive. And that's my like message. I'm always like, there's always positive in any kind of low. I got asked a question for women's evolution. Like, how have you ever dealt with like hitting the lowest point of your life? And I just said, I can't sit here and say I've ever had a lowest point in my life because there's not something I've ever gone through but I haven't like overcome and haven't like completely found something great in it. You know, like anything that you're going through in the moment always seems like the worst thing in that moment. But once you get past it and you overcome it and you realize like, wow, I just got past the lowest point. Like there's nothing I can ever say is like the lowest point of my life. 'Cause everything, everything gets better. - God, that's so powerful.

Incoming (11:28)

So I wanna, no, no, no, no, I wanna dive deep on that. So you were in an abusive relationship for a very long time. - Yeah. - So how did you begin to think about that? When, how did you get out of it? Which I think is so powerful for especially young women to hear. - Yes. - And then how did you reframe and regain the self-confidence that I'm sure was chipped away at? - Gosh, I don't even know how to start with that. Like we were young and I don't wanna like chalk it up to being young but it was something that I saw growing up you know, being in abusive relationship. And it's not something I talk about because I don't like talking about my mom's story but if I talk about my mom, I cry. But I saw it growing up. So when I got into one, when I got into one, I didn't realize that it was wrong. I didn't think, I felt like it was love. And so I was in it for a long time and kept going back and just a cycle and wrestling actually got me out of it. Getting the job at the WWE 'cause I had to move away to get away from it. - Was it partly because you were finding a sense of self again? - So I modeled and it was something that he always kept saying like, oh, you know, like, that's, are you kidding me? You're not like a real model. You're not really like a model. Are you kidding me? You're just a big girl. So it was like, okay, whatever. Pushed through that. But it was kept like, he kept knocking everything down that I did. And then when wrestling came about and I found like this new passion for it and once I stepped into the ring and tried out, I was like, oh my gosh, I have to be a part of this. Like I need this and it was something that another, you're not gonna do it. You're not gonna be any good. Are you kidding me? Like you're gonna come back. You're gonna go out there and you'll be back soon. You're not gonna make it out there. I was like, oh, okay. And then I went out and I made it and I killed it. And it was something that like I sat back and I'm like, gosh, I allowed myself to be abused for so long. And it wasn't just physical, it was mostly emotional. And like that's the worst I feel like is like the emotional and like mental abuse. And when I came to wrestling, like I was able to, to actually find myself again, like to realize like what I could do, the possibilities that like are endless for me. And I had to sit back and think of the relationship I had with my dad. Stuff like that. - How'd you find your way through that? Because you're still so loving when you talk about your family and very gracious when you talk about your father, like how did you navigate your way through that? - Well, even with my ex, we still, I'd talk to him because there's something like, we talked about the whole time that like what we went through and he's gone through a journey of finding himself and like realizing the stuff that he did to me and whatnot.

Family (14:17)

And I'm, like I said, I'm a very open book with Steph's period. Like I, when I look at my dad, I'm like, "Oh, I've always loved my dad no matter what. He's my dad." And he, and he's always loved me. It's just, I always think like what, maybe the way he was raised and how he was brought up is the reason he was the way he was. And, you know, and my mom was so strong that she, she was the reason that like we, we've never wanted for anything. My mom's worked. She scrubbed toilets. She cleaned bed pans. She did whatever she could to make sure that like, we never needed for anything. And so she was so powerful that I look at her and I'm thinking like she went through all this to make sure that I could have the life I have today. So going through an abusive relationship, I felt like, gosh, I would never want my mom to think that I ended up allowing somebody to do that to me after all the hard work that she's done to get me to where I am today. So that helped me get through it. Sorry. - Talk to me about your mom's work ethic.

Work Ethic (15:33)

Like that's pretty legendary. You obviously have an insane work ethic. When I think about what you do, I mean, it's really ridiculous. Put on top of that, I've seen some of your workouts. They're equally insane. What was it that you learned from her? Like what's the key to having that kind of work ethic? - Oh gosh. So she just, I think 'cause she's a grinder. Like she, nothing stopped her. She fought through anything. She just went through so many things to work. She thought like, there's nothing I can't do. Just like how I feel. There's nothing she can't do. There's enough time in the day to get everything done. And so she just had such a drive to make sure that like her purpose in life or her kids always work taken care of and healthy. And I don't know what it is with inside of that instinct in her that she just, nothing is not doable. Sometimes I'm like, mom, we can wait till tomorrow. She'll stay up until midnight and do stuff to make sure that we're taken care of. - It's interesting because your mom once said in an interview that you're her rock. I would say that you're doing quite well in that respect already. - Yeah, she's pretty awesome.

Nikki Bella's public image as a female role model (16:40)

- That's really, really extraordinary. So looking at the things that you've accomplished in the ring and out of the ring, your family like all seem to have this similar desire to really take care of each other. And I see that same thing with the friendships that you've had which have been very public and seemingly insanely loving. And you've been referred to as the voice of people that don't have a voice, even in your friendships. What is it about you that allows you to speak up or demands internally that you speak up when you see somebody doing something wrong? - Oh gosh, that's something I always feel like is my downfall. 'Cause I'm always like, gosh, I do have a big voice, I have a loud voice and I just don't like anybody being treated wrongly. I don't. If it happens to me, I don't like it, but I especially am extremely protective over friends and family. I think maybe it's having a mom like mine or having a little brother and always being super protective of her. But I just, I don't think that anybody should be treated wrongly.

Nikki Bella's belief in the inherent goodness of people (17:41)

I don't think that everybody, people should be treated each other with respect and there's good in everybody. Like everybody has a good in them. Like, you know, and usually when somebody speaks up to somebody who's treating somebody badly, you always find out the reason why that person is there where they are because deep down they're good as well. - It's interesting. So talking about deep down, you've said that one of the reasons that you don't lash back out at people that are coming after you critically on social media or whatever, is you know that they're hurting really badly to come after you like that? - Yes. I never thought anybody would deliberately try to hurt somebody if they were in a good place with themselves. 'Cause when I'm happy and I'm in a good place, I want everybody to be happy in a good place, you know? - Right. So going back to your voice, so for somebody watching right now that struggled their whole life to speak up for themselves, like what advice do you have? How can they find their voice like you found yours? - I always say speak up because you're not alone. I feel like everybody goes through insecurities, anything. Like I, nobody would ever think that me and Alexa would be friends because she's so little and I'm so big, but we both have the similarity of the she dealt with a body issue herself. You know what I mean?

The woman of 1.21 gigawatts! (18:56)

So we come and together there's a commonality in everybody. And so I hope that, you know, some people can find, speak up, just speak up period, but finding something that you love and that you're passionate about and realizing that like your beauty and uniqueness comes from within, it's so powerful to realize that. It's powerful to know that like, your heart is what's truly beautiful, that none of this matters. It's your soul that matters, you know? And the hope that, I hope that people can find their voice in realizing the strength that they have on the inside. - We'll talk about walking the walk, not too long ago you posted on IG a picture of you in a bathing suit with no makeup. - Yeah. - What did you hope that people took away from that? - So what happened was I was at WrestleMania. We have this thing called Access where we get a chance to meet fans like face to face. And I didn't realize the impact I was having at that point. And then a lot of the fans were like, "Oh my gosh, you're so, you're really going out there and you don't care what people think about you, you're just doing it and you're really giving me confidence to do what I want to do and where things that I want to wear. And I'm thinking like, wow, I didn't really think that what I was doing was really affecting you like that. And then I sat back and I was like, "Gosh, you know, if I'm going to sit here and really preach the fact that I do love my body and that I am positive, people should see that I do love myself in this form." You know what I mean? And that people should realize that we are a constant work of progress. Like that's the beauty of life. You can completely change day to day. If you don't like something about yourself, you can definitely change it, you know, and you shouldn't be so negative on who you are and you shouldn't be so negative on what others are.

How Nikki Bella posted a selfie in a bathing suit to promote self-acceptance (20:35)

You don't know their journey. You don't know what they're going through. That like, that when I posted that I wanted people to see like, I am happy with who I am. And it has been an insecurity of mine to show people in a bathing suit, which a lot of people have. But me posting that and putting that out there and showing them that like nobody can attack me because I'm giving this to you. Like you can't attack me for, I'm being positive and showing you like, this is my vulnerability. You can't attack me anymore. Like that's my strength. So I wanted people to see that. I didn't realize it would get picked up like it did, which was amazing. But I wanted them to be like, wow, like, okay, she's really not allowing anybody and allowing things to get her down. Like she's living her best damn life. That's what I was trying to get out there but I want people to live their life, live their best damn life. - That's so beautiful. And to be honest, like what we're doing with impact theory, it's that same thing. It's there are times where, nah, I am to the core of my being, I'm exhausted. But at the same time, it's so easy to keep going because you get those moments where somebody is pouring their soul out to you and you've given them a life raft in the middle of some crazy storm that you don't even know what's happening. It's really extraordinary. And it's amazing that you guys do that because people, like especially nowadays, like they go to their phone and they go to, like they need a release and an outlet and a positive message is what's needed. Like, when I do total divas, whenever we do like we film or whatnot and I feel like the reality kind of gets tossed up and drama and whatnot, I definitely always try to find a place on the show to where I can send positive messages. So that like when young boys and young girls see things or hear things, like it's a positive thing, it's very empowering. It's not dragging other people down, it's not making other people feel less than, it's bringing each other up. Talk to me about female empowerment.

Why Female Empowerment? (22:46)

So you're going hard for that female empowerment, which is amazing. Why is it important to you? And why are you resonating so much? It's important because I have a niece, I have a little niece and I've always been a strong minded woman, like nobody can ever stop me from what I want to do, but I don't ever want her to be told she can't do something. I want her to know that everything she wants to do, she can do. And women are bad-ass, dude, we're freaking awesome. You know what I mean? There's nothing we can't do and I feel as though it needs to be just totally normal. And I always say this, I want to get to the point where it's done being like, this is the first ever this and women are finally doing this. No, I want it to just be to be normal. Like just give the woman a chance to do it because she can do it and she can kill it. And so it's very important for me for all women and all young girls to know their power and their strength. And I don't know why I resonate, but... - Can I hazard a guess? Anybody that's seen you do a 230+ pound farmer carry? The fact that you can deadlift over 300 pounds for rap. It's like, it's pretty extraordinary. Even just what you've done at a physical level is extraordinary and to see somebody that is leaned into getting strong, which a lot of women are actually reticent to do because of what you were saying, like, oh, the standard image is petite, it's cute. It isn't, the standard image, isn't power. It isn't powerful, it isn't dominant or aggressive. So to see you do that is such like this amazing beacon of light towards just a whole new way of being. It's really pretty extraordinary. - Thank you. - Yeah, I appreciate that. - Yeah, I feel like when you see different kind of powerful women, then it becomes normal to them. It's not something where like, oh, you look funny. You don't look like that girl I saw on the magazine. Or you know, like they go out there and like, this is normal. That every, you know what I mean? Like that's something I want for, for not just female empowerment, for like just general. Like I want us to be seen everywhere in different shapes and sizes and doing different kinds of activities. Lifting women, you know, soccer, basketball, tennis, Serena Williams is like amazing. You know what I mean? Like seeing a woman like that, like beautiful curvy. Like that should be normal. It should be normal for all kinds of people. And like young boys and girls seeing that growing up makes it easier for them to actually deal with, you know, I feel like dealing with like bullying and, you know, making fun of looks and whatnot. I think that's something that, you know, that's my empowerment to young boys and girls. - No, it's really cool. And speaking of cool, like one thing that I think is really exciting to see the change, speaking of Serena Williams, that recent ad that she was in that said, girls from comp, black girls from Compton, don't play tennis, they own it. And I was like, whoa, that, that's fire. - Do you, everything about like, when I see, when I look back and how their dad, like literally just instilled so much empowerment in them at a young age, like, that's something that I look to my mom. Like she's like instilling, you know what I mean? Empowerment in me to come out and send messages. Like look where Venus and Serena have done, like I did curvy con at New York Fashion Week and Venus was there. And she partnered up with the, with Deanna Koe this company and making these t-shirts that they make statements and like all the proceeds go to up and coming fashion designers that want to make plus size lines because they always say, oh, it's, it costs too much money to do plus size. And it was so cool to see Venus, Venus Williams up there, like really pushing the movement for like, you know, inclusiveness and like fashion for women, you know, and the things that they've accomplished is just, it's insane. Like they're, they're incredible human beings and they've influenced our world like beyond. - You said that if you don't like something about yourself, you can change it.

Leap of Faith (27:00)

What's that process for you? Like how did you learn wrestling for instance? You, you came at it pretty late in the game. - Yeah. - Rose fast to dominate. Like what was that learning process? - So it's one of the hardest things I've ever done. I've played it pretty much every sport. I've done it all. Wrestling is a whole different beast. And that, that was like a challenge. So that was like, I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna figure this out. Like when you hit the ropes and everybody thinks it's easy, those are like, it's like hitting a wall. Those are rock hard like tight ropes. And when I was done, I remember I had done my tryout and I was black and blue and I took a picture of it and I sent it to my mom and she was like, - Lena, you are not doing this. And I was like, but I love it. I love it. And I remember at the tryout, they asked me to do a flip bump. It's like where you just stand there and you just flip and you land on your back. And I was like, what? I was like flipping the air and landing my back. Are you kidding me? Like, I was like, no. And I looked at our, our trainer and I said, can you do that? And she was like, yeah. I was like, can you show me? She did it, boom. And I was like, all right. Everybody back up. And then I did it. But then I was like, I can do this. I'm gonna do, like there's nothing that's gonna stop me. Like being a bigger girl in this industry is kind of like not normal, right? Because it's just, we come from a different era back when the girls were in bikinis and whatnot. And so when I finally realized like, that I can do something really freaking cool, being a bigger girl, I was like, oh, I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna freaking do it because I love it. The passion of the constant challenge, I'm constantly learning every time I'm in the ring. - A lot of people watching right now know deep down that they've never achieved physically what they're capable of.

Building Self-Confidence And Resilience

Building Confidence and Self-Confidence (28:54)

And they don't have a confidence in their power and their strength physically. - Yeah. - What do you think would surprise most people about getting physically strong? Like what would it do to their personality, their confidence, their future selves, the world? - It is, so I've always been strong. And it's kind of something like when I squat like 300 something pounds and people are like, oh my gosh. But the feeling you get from accomplishing, it's like it's any challenge you have, right? When you accomplish it, you feel so bad ass. And especially like if you're in the weight room and you're sweating, your body's already feeling the endorphins, when you can lift something like 230 pounds and just walk up and down with it, like that completely changes your confidence. It changes like your energy, everything. And I feel like when people get nervous and like, oh I can't lift that weight. And I'm like, but you can get to it. It's a gradual step. I mean, I didn't just overnight go and squat 300 pounds. I mean, I wish, but it didn't happen like that. But the journey, the process is the best part. If you wanna get into a bikini, if you wanna, you know, go into a competition or whatever you wanna do, like the journey is the best part of it. That's why I find people, if they are struggling with it, like you have to start. 'Cause once you start and like actually experience the journey and realize it, oh it's, it's, like I said with wrestling, it's an addiction. - That's really cool. I like that a lot. So what do you say to somebody right now watching this? They don't have a lot of confidence. What is that path? What is that journey for them to go from really struggling with confidence? Not having it, not feeling like anything is real, everything, everybody tells them to hold their head up high. They just feel like they're faking it. How do they go on the journey? Like what are the steps to get started to building self-confidence? - So everybody's different. And the journey is first, is not looking to the outside for help. That's something I realize. You can't really look for outside help when you're trying to find your journey on the inside. It's a conversation you have to have yourself with yourself. Knowing what you want in life, knowing what you want to accomplish, not even maybe not in like a year, but you want to accomplish today. If you want to get out of the house and go get your nails done or go meet with a friend, like sometimes like I even have issues with that. Like if my friends want to go out like, I'm like, I don't feel good. I don't feel like I look good. Like I have to have a conversation with myself. Like what do I want? What do I want to accomplish? Like do I want to get out and enjoy life? But that would be my first advice to anybody is literally have a conversation with yourself and figure out what you want to do. Figure out what you want in life. 'Cause then that's where your journey begins. - That is so powerful. I really, really like that. So first of all, the admission of needing to talk to yourself and get yourself through that. But what you said about there are times where even just going out and hanging with your friends, you don't feel good enough. And that you start with what do I want. - Yeah. Talk to me about how you find that want, how you find that thing that's gonna be enough to get you to go out, to say that I want this enough to really go after it. - Being so busy all the time, I feel like sometimes I miss out on other things in life. Like just going to have a drink with a friend out, you know. And like mingling and stuff. And so it's the experience for me. Because whenever I do something where I'm like, "I don't want to do it." And I go out and experience it. I end up being like, "I'm so glad I did that. I'm so glad I wouldn't do that workout when I really didn't want to. I'm so glad I met up with my friend and we had a couple of laughs and she was going through something and I helped her through it. Like it just all goes back to the journey in it. Like I'm finding that like experiences and laughter and whatnot. It always helps with anything you're going through. - And then what do you tell people that maybe you're battling with depression?

Overcoming Fear of Rejection (32:51)

They've turned inward. There isn't, they're not connecting with people. They're not putting themselves out there. They're afraid of rejection, let's say. How do you help people overcome that fear of rejection? - Gosh, yeah. I mean, obviously rejection is probably one of the worst feelings. And I always say speak up. I know maybe people don't want to, but you have to. You have to speak up because you are not alone. Nobody is alone. I always say there's always something that like somebody's going through and like you might think somebody's completely different. Like I would walk down the street and probably strike up a conversation with somebody and you'll realize there's something in common that you have. And it might probably be very difficult, especially when you're depressed and you are in the dumps, but you have to. You have to speak up. If you're not going to have the conversation with yourself, you have to talk to somebody. - Yeah, beginning that process and getting yourself out there, opening up, reaching out for connection, which is something that you've done really, really well. All right, before I ask my last question, where can these guys find you online? Very active on Instagram on NiaJax WWE and Twitter. - Perfect. Also with the handle NiaJax. - NiaJax WWE, yeah, that's sort of very active. And then obviously you can catch me and we're all every Monday night. And then Total Divas, season eight just started on E. - Nice. - Every Wednesday. - Very exciting. - Yeah. - All right, my final question. What's the impact that you want to have on the world? - Oh gosh. I just want at the end of the day, anybody, everybody to realize they're beautiful.

Global Impact

Impact on the World (34:27)

It might be so cheesy and simple. - Does that sound cheesy to you? - I guess like, like when I speak to people, like I try to really make them feel like they're perfect and beautiful in their own way. I want that impact to be out there. And I guess it sounds cheesy because I just want people to feel the genuineness and realize that you're beautiful just the way you are. I guess that's the impact I want people to have. - I love that. Nia, thank you so much for coming on this show. - Thank you so much. - That was incredible. - That was incredible. - Guys, this is somebody who, when you look at what she's been through, what she's had to overcome, fight through to build this beautiful personality, somebody that reaches out to others, somebody who, when you ask them what the impact that they want to have on the world is, they want other people to feel beautiful. They want other people to feel connected and get their confidence and to put themselves out there in the most extraordinary ways to make other people feel included and to find themselves and to build from there is really extraordinary. And I think she is the tip of a growing spear of people that are willing to be themselves, to step out front, to give a voice to the people that don't have a voice, not so that they can be some sort of hero, but so they can help other people find their voice. That to me is so beautiful. And that's why I was super excited to learn more about her. I think she's really extraordinary. I think that you guys will have a very good time not only watching her on the show, which she is amazing, physically. You cannot believe, in fact, she said she was going to take Lisa, they've clicked, they're gonna be friends, they were gonna run off and I said, you're gonna have to fight before it. And then I said, actually no, that's not, that's not how we're gonna settle this. We're gonna settle it. - Any other way than that. But it's extraordinary to see somebody blend the beauty of her personality with finding her real power in life and wanting to share that with other people and not being afraid of who she is or ashamed of who she is and being totally herself, warts and all, being, putting her vulnerability out there and also putting her strength out there. I think it's extraordinary. So if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe. And until next time, my friends, be legendary. Take care. - Wow. - No, thank you. - Hey everybody, thank you so much for watching and being a part of this community. If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe. You're gonna get weekly videos on building a growth mindset, cultivating grit and unlocking your full potential.

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